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Buff, I don’t know where to start after almost 3 months without being able to publish. What started out as a hacker attack that prevented me from accessing the blog, it ended up complicating a lot of other stories, which have made this time the blog has been many days down, has had to change twice server, webmaster, … and I have been desperate Often.
Fortunately, I was able to continue sharing recipes through social networks, and mailing those I had to those who asked me. So for those of you who follow me for social, the wait hasn’t been that long. For those who are only aware of the news for the blog, quiet, I’ve missed a lot of time, but I bring nothing more and nothing less than 5 recipes. This Mondrian cake, of which I tell you more things, these chocolate triangles, this black forest tart with red berries, these homemade bollicaos, and this cake of biscuits, cream and chocolate. Many duties to do, and if you in “who has done this recipe” you will see that many have already encouraged to try them through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …
And what have I spent all this time without posting on the blog? Well first trying to imagine who can be so bored to entertain creándome problems in the blog. Dear Hacker, I want you to know that after much reflection, I wish you no evil. I just hope your neighbor’s little boy is given a flute. That you go to password and you touch of famous assistant Ylenia. And that you run out of paper when you’re in the bathroom. In the bathroom of a plane. After eating airplane food. The truth is that since I put, dear hacker, if you were a Sim I would put you in the pool and remove the ladder. See how it’s best for all of me to continue with the blog and you trying to improve your sex life?
In addition to occupying my mind with good wishes, during this time it has been something like a fashion blogger, and now I spend time watching videos of hairstyles and make-up on YouTube. At my 40 years, I make braids and I have learned to make-up. If we skip the part of painting my eyes and fingernails, but little by little.
There have also been very good times these months. Mònica Escudero published an article in the weekly country talking about my book “Chocolate”. Mònica Escudero is one of my favorite people because he writes very well, because he is the most generous person I know, because he is brave, because he gave me my first chance on printed paper, and because he is able to cook for 40 without disheveling. So I take it back from here to thank you. See a photo of me on every page printed in the country weekly, it impresses. If you lose the paper version, you can find the online version here
And I also learned that my Chocolate book has been a winner in Spain at the Gourmand World Cook Book Awards, and a few days ago I was told that it is a finalist to compete in China in May. So I’ll be counting on you!
And now about the Mondrian Cake. The name was proposed to me by my dear Prof of macarons Aliter Dulcia, and although it is true that the cake lacks dyes to look like the work of this painter, I liked his sonority. And you know I’m not much of a colorant. The thing is, I didn’t know what to call it, so Mondrian Cake stayed. It is a mixture of Baumkuchen, Battenberg cake and Sarawack cake. And it’s not a hard thing to do, despite what it might look like. It is only a little laborious because it is a cake that is baked layer to layer using the oven grill. The rest is to sew and sing, and I have left you a step by step in case of doubt.
I have missed you very much!!
Preparation: 15 minutes
Cooking: 30-45 min
Servings: 12 people
For the cake:
  • 250 gr Butter Soft
  • 250 gr of sugar
  • 7 medium-sized eggs at room temperature
  • 150 Gr of flour
  • 100 Gr of cornstarch
  • 1 Pinch of salt
  • 2 tablespoons pure cocoa powder (value type)
Chocolate Coverage:
  • 200 ml of cream 35% MG
  • 200 gr Black Chocolate cover
  • 1 tablespoon butter
Decoration (optional):
  • Pure cocoa powder
  • Stencil or template
  • First of all, you have to prepare a baumkuchen with the recipe I published at the time. To do this, with an electric mixer or cooking robot, we the butter with the sugar until it is whitened. We separate the egg yolks ‘ egg whites. We reserve the clear. Add the yolks from one to the previous mixture. We incorporate the flour mixed with the cornstarch. Besides, we mount the Whites to the point of snow with a pinch of salt until they are firmly firm. We add the clears delicately to the previous mixture, it is best to do it twice to go down the density of the dough. We divide the dough into two equal parts, and add the cocoa to one of them and the vanilla to the other. Preheat the oven grill (if it has a temperature of 200 ° C). We cover a detachable 20 cm-thick mould with baking paper, or we grease and flour the mold. We started baking the cake layers. We take two tablespoons of white mass (about 100 g of dough), and distribute them on the mold, leaving a very finite layer, as if it were a crêpe. Brown this layer two/three minutes in the middle tray of the oven, remember, only with the oven grill. It should be cooked, lightly browned. We took the mold out of the oven with care not to burn, and we distributed two tablespoons of chocolate paste above the previous layer. We go back to baking 2/3 minutes under the grill. We proceed as before, until the two masses are exhausted.
  • Once the baumkuchen is baked, we wait about 10 minutes, we pass a knife through the sides of the mould and unmold it on a tray lined with baking paper. If you leave it directly on a grid to cool, it will catch the shape of the grille, so it is better to be on the grate but on top of a smooth surface.
  • We let it cool completely. We cut the biscuit in square strips, strips of the same thickness of the sponge cake. I used a ruler as a guide but if you look at the photo clearly I failed because the squares are not exactly the same. They leave about 6 strips, discarding the edges that remain something ugly. Two of them I used to do experiments (trying to do this).
  • The other four strips of biscuit, we will put together, but varying the placement so that the stripes are vertical in a square, and horizontal in the upper and lateral squares. (See step by Step). To paste the strips we use a little condensed milk, slightly heated to make it more liquid. You could use jam to stick instead of condensed milk.
  • Once pasted the cake as if it were a Battenberg cake, wrap it in paper film and leave it a few hours (with a pair is enough) to stick well. We can also keep it that way until the next day. During these two hours, I went around and putting a tray on top so that all sides are perfectly smooth, although I think it would not have been necessary.
  • All we need is the chocolate bath. Remove the paper film, and cut the ends of the cake (for an aesthetic theme, is not essential). Place the cake on a grate, on top of baking paper, not to stain. We prepare a ganaché of chocolate putting to heat 200 g of cream to assemble. When hot, we remove from the fire and add 250 g of black chocolate of chopped topping. Let stand for a few minutes, and stir until dissolved. Add finally 50 g of butter and stir until dissolved (we can heat over soft fire if mixture does not melt well). Pour the ganaché on the biscuit. With a spatula, take the bizocho once the leftover chocolate has drained and take it to a tray lined with baking paper. We let it solidify.
  • Once the chocolate cover is solid (does not stick to the finger), put on a template, and sprinkle cocoa lightly with a sieve. We remove the template carefully, and ready to serve. I like to do some jig tests before I put it on the cake, to see how they are.

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