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We are back home, and I have a lot of outstanding recipes, which has proved impossible to publish from Ayamonte. Where we spent the holidays there is no pizquita of coverage, so all the recipes I had prepared for the summer (some from last year!) have been stuck there … And since I do not want to stay there longer, today I bring two: In this previous post you will find the recipe of homemade cones, without egg and with only three ingredients, as I promised you in the last posting. And in this new post, I tell you what to do with those cones.



The good thing about having been around a month “disconnected” is that I have had a lot of time to read. And we took advantage of the children and I to review some of Roald Dahl’s books, we have finished “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Matilda”. One of the things I like about Dahl is its fine irony, and its elegant way of insulting:


– “My dear hake, go and fry Your Head” (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
– “Fiona has the glacial beauty of an iceberg, but contrary to what happens with it, there is nothing under the surface” or “grasshoppers, oddly enough, have auditory organs on both sides of the abdomen.” His daughter Vanessa, judging by what he learned this course, lacks auditory organs (Matilda)


And it has led me to remember Shakespeare, who was also a great insulter. Serve as an example your “I do desire we may be better strangers” in as You like it (something like “I’d love to know Better”).



Just the other day I found an article that talked about how they insulted each other writers, which I liked more than finding €20 forgotten in a trouser (well, maybe exaggerate.) It depends on whether it is at the end of the month or not. I share some of the best insults with you. Because if you have to insult, better do it in style


– Thomas Babington, on Socrates: “The more I read it, the less strange it was to be poisoned.”
– Mark Twain on Jane Austen (I love it!): “Every time I read pride and Prejudice I feel like digging it up and hitting him in the skull with his own tibia.”
– Lawrence Durrell on Henry James: “If I had to choose between Reading Henry James and squeezing my head between two stones, I would choose the second.”
– Truman Capote, about James Jones: “They sent Me that shit from here to eternity.” “And with the shit it is, I’m surprised the man who wrote it has that extraordinary look of constipation.” Truman Capote.
And finally, a phrase saying that Ortega y Gasset said Salvador de Madariaga, and I’m sure I will use a lot: “It’s silly in 5 languages”



And as for the recipe. The hardest part was naming him. The “Negrito” that was called in my day, I was not convinced, just in case someone seemed insulting. I didn’t want to use “Cornetto” type trademarks, which every time I see the ad I remember this guy. In the end, after a popular consultation on social networks, I doubted between “cornets hot” or turbinates, and imagined that the second would be more descriptive. Or not.


On the other hand, nothing happens if you don’t have a cone making machine. You can prepare these two recipes with cones purchased, in fact although in the previous post I give you the recipe to make homemade cones, those you see in these photos are purchased. So you have no excuse not to prepare them.


Yes, I invite you again to be encouraged to make homemade ice cream. Here’s my favorite vanilla ice cream recipe. And if you want to make chocolate ice cream, you can prepare the same recipe, but adding 150 g of black chocolate chopped to the cream, once hot and out of the fire. (both recipes are also included in my book Poles and ice Creams)
Homemade Cornettos


Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream Cornetos

Preparation: 15 minutes


Cooking: 5 min + Freeze time


Servings: 8 Ice Creams




  • 8 Cornets (homemade or purchased)
  • 1 L vanilla or chocolate ice cream
  • 250 g Chocolate black cover (for melting, desserts, …)
  • 25 g cocoa butter (optional)
  • 1 cup Almond Crocanti
  • We started preparing the cones. The first thing is that we’re going to need to use something to keep the cones upright. I use a stand for the sleeves, but if you do not have, you can use tall glasses, or make holes in an egg box. And the hardest thing about the recipe: Get some hole in the freezer, to freeze the foot cones.
  • To prevent the ice cream from getting out by the hole of the cone, and that it gets wet and softened by the ice cream, we will cover the interior with chocolate. To do this, we the chocolate chopped with the cocoa butter (if we are going to use it, see notes) in a plastic bowl suitable for microwave, programming 30 in 30 seconds and stirring each time, until it is completely dissolved. We let temper
  • Pour a spoonful of melted chocolate into each cone. We turn it around so that the chocolate covers the entire inner surface of the cone. Add more chocolate if necessary. Put the cone face down on the bowl to drop the leftover chocolate. We turn them, and we put the cones in the support that we have chosen, that allows us to keep them standing. We left a couple of minutes in the freezer to setting.
  • Once the chocolate is solidified, fill the cone with our favorite ice cream to the brim. We can add some “surprise”: a kit-kat, a little chocolate sauce, caramel or strawberry, … whatever you can think of. (Not that, man). Then we decided what kind of ice cream cone we want to prepare: for the “Negrito” it goes to point 4. For the “Cornetto” it passes to the point 5. (Yes, I loved the books of “Choose Your Own Adventure”)
  • With a sacabolas wet in water, we take out a scoop of ice cream and place it on the top of the cone, pressing well. Taking the cornet by the tip, immerse it in the molten chocolate. (without fear: the most that can happen is that you drop a ball of ice cream in hot chocolate and you are forced to eat!) Immediately introduce the ice cream in the bowl with the almond crocanti (or you can sprinkle it over it). We place the cone in the glass or holder we have chosen, and we take it to the freezer until it hardens. We repeat the process with the rest of the cones
  • We line the cones with baking paper forming a higher cone, so that the paper protrudes through the top of the cones (see photo because I explain fatal). We fill the paper cone with ice cream at our choice, and smooth the surface with a spoon. Add molten chocolate, a little almond crocanti, and place the cones in a medium that allows us to keep them vertical as I explain at the beginning of the recipe. We left in the freezer until we setting.
  • To keep them in the freezer until consumption, once solidified the ice cream and chocolate, I recommend wrap them in plastic film, this way do not catch smells

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