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Both homemade pizzas and the fresh pizzas we buy to prepare at home can give you our personal touch and thus get a much better result.


One of the best-known brands in pizzas are the pizzas of the House apartment, in the video that we present below you can see his last campaign and I think it will bring back memories because what happens when there is a last piece and everyone looks at him drooling?





A simple gesture such as choosing the spices that you like the most and spreading them over the pizza can make a rich pizza turn into something delicious. Everyone does not like the same spices but the typical is usually oregano and pepper or a little basil. For me these two are fundamental, both by aroma and by taste.




For the passion of cheese, of that feeling that a flavor wraps you, do not miss the opportunity to throw more cheese to the pizza, to fill the possible gaps or edges that have been left without her and enhance the flavor.


For those who like melted cheese but not too much, once the pizza is done, leave a few minutes in the oven off to make the cheese change state but do not lose heat. The result is very different.




Have you ever tried a pizza with a little pesto sauce? They’re amazing. For those of you who are Salseros, many complain that it lacks flavor so, when there is little time for it to be done and start to be cooked under the pizza, you add a little more of that sauce (as can be the barbecue) to avoid not soak but gradually absorbing.


Extra ingredients


Stop dreaming of a fresh pizza that has everything you want and buy a pizza base as can be the cheese simply, and add all you want: chorizo, bacon, peppers, chicken, onion, goat cheese … let yourself go and experience!


What other tricks would you add?

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