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Making an omelet is a simple thing for almost everyone but if you want to try a surprising way to cook the eggs in Gourmet flavor we will show you below how to make an omelet in a bag. Don’t you believe it? Then attentive because we explain and Mostamos with a video.



How to make an omelet in a bag



This fashion of preparing the tortilla is perfect for those people who want to be able to make one that has several ingredients besides the eggs.


To make your tortilla in a bag you need:


  • 2 eggs
  • Frozen bag
  • Container
  • Ingredients to add
  • Water
Start by opening two eggs in the frozen bag. To not fall, first place the bag in a glass or container and then once you have thrown the eggs remove the bag from the container and with the hand crush the eggs to make them as if they were beaten.




After this, place the bag again with the eggs in the container and add the ingredients you want such as bacon, tomato, ham, parsley or spinach. Whatever you want.


Mix everything you have thrown so that it is attached and compacted in the bag and once you have done you must introduce this inside a pot to the fire with boiling water. It is important that the water has started to boil before the bag is put in.



You leave the bag (without getting in the whole because it can open or it will cost you to remove it) boiling for half an hour and with the help of tweezers you take it out.


Careful not to burn, take the bosla and throw the tortilla to a plate and ready! You’ve got your omelet made.


As you see is a really original process of cooking the tortilla and something you will definitely want to try. No longer say how you have left but I also leave the video for you to be clear how to get your tortilla in a bag.

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