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If you are going to hold an event and want to hire a catering, we give you some tips to consider to choose a good service.




What is a catering?


Catering is an external professional service that caters for the supply of prepared food, drinks and cocktails and, in some cases, can also be taken care of by the organization of the banquet.


Food preparation for a caterer may vary. They can take the food prepared from their headquarters or, they can prepare it in the same area where the food will be served, working in kitchens that can install it right there, or they can even outsource to third parties for the elaboration of part of the food that will be served during the event.


Everything depends on the service we hire, because not all caterers are specialized in the same meals or services. If you want to be aware of the offer that is currently in your city, we recommend this guide of companies of cocktails in which you will find different services, snacks and professionalism.

What services can a caterer offer?

Many times we have associated catering to events such as weddings or business meetings, but caterers have many more services that can result from your interest. Then we will describe what are the different types of catering, their duration and the type of service they offer:
  • Catering Appetizer: Never underestimate the miniature food, as a small bite can surprise you more than a whole dish for yourself. This type of catering usually lasts 15 to 30 minutes and you can find authentic culinary specialties, that is, they are usually prepared by calculating two snacks per person.
  • Catering Cocktail: The number of snacks that is calculated per person is greater than in the previous case, between 15 to 20 snacks/person, combining 2/3 salted and 1/3 sweets. In turn, we find a catering that has a schedule stipulated between 11 to 13 hours or is held from 19 to 21 hours.
  • Reception Catering: This type of catering is usually held at 20 hours and usually has an estimated duration of 3 hours; The number of snacks that are usually given per person is between 18 and 2o bites, which, as in the previous case, are between 2/3 salted and 1/3 candies.
  • Catering Reception Buffet: This type of catering is similar to the previous one, at 20 hours is when it is usually celebrated and the type of snacks offered are cold, hot dishes and garnishes.
  • Catering reception, food or banquet: This type of catering usually lasts much longer than the previous ones, as we are talking about a prolonged event of 6 to 8 hours. The snacks served are 6 per person for the reception and three dishes for dinner, entrance, main course, dessert, to which you have to add a coffee service, toast, sweet table and end of party.
  • Catering work Breakfast: This type of catering is usually served in the early hours of the day and you can choose between a continental or American breakfast, serving between three to five pieces per hour.
  • Catering Brunch: The brunch is one of the latest trends in gastronomy, which combines breakfast with lunch, so it is usually served around 11 am and the service time is an hour and a half.
  • Catering Vernissage: This type of catering is usually chosen for the inaugurations, offering guests a glass of champagne, wine and two snacks per person.
  • Catering Coffee break: The coffee break is the rest that one has in its working hours, therefore, when we talk about a catering of this type is referred to a service of 15 to 30 minutes in which serves coffee, tea juices, salted snacks and sweets.


Recommendations for choosing a good catering

The best way to choose a good catering is to choose the one we have good references to. Sometimes we know someone who has hired a caterer for a special event, other times we have attended as guests and, at other times, it is through the Internet where we find experiences of other people.
If it is going to be a great event, selecting the menu can be tricky, so it is preferable that you let yourself be guided by the chef and the person in charge of the catering to go defining the letter.
But, before closing the menu, it is always preferable to test each of the dishes so you can choose which ones you like the most; If you can be accompanied by other people much better, as you will have other palates to say. In this test is when you will have to look at the appearance, aroma and flavor of each dish.
Concrete very clearly everything that has to do with the catering: hours in which it is served, nº of cámareros, concrete plates, drinks, cleanliness, assembly, etcetera.

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