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The dry martini is the most sold and requested cocktail in the whole world, we teach you to prepare it at home for your great celebrations.


Such is his fame that different stories circulate on the origin of Dry Martini. Some say he was a waitress from London who worked at the Savoy Hotel; Others say that it emerged in new York, and that it was created by someone named Martini, at a party for the Rockefeller tycoon, who was the one who named him in honor of his waiter.


Probably, as time passes, we will hear more similar stories or some that are totally charming and let us aside the real to stay with the fabulous because who cares about its origin when you can prepare it at home?


“A dry martini with vodka, agitated, not beaten.”


Dry Martini James Bond


Surely it will sound, is the classic drink of James Bond, the agent 007, a phrase that repeats to satiety in all his films. But not only was he fond of this dry drink; Another many celebrities of the real world have as a favorite drink the Dry Martini: Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart or Luis Buñuel were fond of this cocktail.


A drink that is dry and powerful, a forceful taste that fills your senses. Of it they say that the best dry Martini is taken in London at the hotel Lansborough.


Dry Martini Ingredients


  • 1/2 London Dry Gin Cup
  • 1/2 French Vermouth
  • A few drops of Orange Bitter
  • Twist of lemon peel
  • Uua Olive Green


Basically, therefore, the Dry Martini carries gin, vermouth and an olive.


Put all the liquids in a shaker (some people add ice to cool), shake well for a minute and serve it quickly so that the ice does not melt and miss the cocktail flavor.


It is served in a Martini Cup or cocktail cup that has to be well chilled, placing a toothpick with an olive inside the glass.


It ends with a twist of lemon, a piece of lemon peel that gives the final touch; Below we put a video for you to know how to do it.


On the other hand, the Dry Martini has given rise to different modalities, such as the Manhattan (with whisky, vermouth, bitter and a cherry) or the Vodkatini (with vodka, vermouth and a slice of lemon).

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