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The Mojito is a cocktail originating in Cuba, hence it is often called this drink as a Cuban mojito. We teach you how to make mojito at home.



Origin of the mojito


Behind the great discoveries we always find several stories and legends that blur the possible truth. In the case of the mojito, circulate from mouth to mouth a multitude of stories about its possible origin, what all have in common is Cuba.


Trasladémonos until the 16th century, when this drink was known as the Draque because it was said that it had been the pirate Sir Frances Drake who had invented the cocktail using ingredients such as aguardiente, mint, sugar and lime; Others say that it was the Corsair Silvio Suárez Díaz who prepared this life with the same ingredients that we mentioned before, a brandy of low quality that preceded the rum.


Each of the ingredients that made up this drink was for its healthy qualities: the aguardiente, some say it brought happiness and other warmth; The lemon or the lime fought the deficiency of vitamin C and that affected to a great extent to the sailors; Peppermint added freshness to both the drink and the palate, as well as being healthy for digestion and, the sugar made it more enjoyable to taste.


The name of Mojito comes from Mojo, which refers to sauces, and is believed to be used for this drink as it was seasoned with lime and mint.


During the nineteenth century, rum production is much more refined, as it begins to brew alcohol in copper stills and produces an aged rum very similar to the current one. It will not be until the year 1930 when the Mojito recipe can be found in a book. It was Pedro Chicoe who wrote about the Creole Mojito in wet law.


Ernest Hemingway was one of the ardent passionates of this drink and is counted, that during the American dry law he traveled to Cuba to drink at his ease and there he wrote the phrase “my mojito in La Bodeguita, my daiquiri in El Floridita” which referred to the place where he recommended to enjoy this drink. Today the Bodeguita has become a must-see tourist destination.


Do you know why we started using chopped ice for the preparation of the Mojito? In the beginning, it was used whole ice for many years, it was not until it became a traditional drink that began to chop the ice so that the leaves of the mint went up and bothered to drink.

How to make mojito?

Because it is prepared by rum it can vary its appearance as well as the colors of different types of rum. It is said that the lighter-toned liquors, like white rum, produce less hangover the next day, so that option can be considered at the time of preparing the Mojito.
There are many ways to prepare it and the ingredients also vary, such as brown sugar or white sugar, but always its soft flavor is ideal to accompany meetings of friends and as an appetizer to a good dinner.
  • 1/2 Cup of Rum
  • 1/2 Cup of water with gas or soda without flavor
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 cup chopped ice
  • 1 sprig of mint
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice


If you have a shaker at home, use. If you are at a party and you are a lot to drink, I saw how the Mojito was prepared in a large saucepan and the result was equally great.
Whatever the chosen container, add the juice of lime or lemon, rum, sugar, crushed ice (you can chop yourself at home in a very original way if you know how to give life to your creativity and you do not have ice mincer) along with Peppermint.
Agitates or stirs, depending on where you are preparing it, until the sugar has dissolved completely. Add water with gas or siphon to make it a real Cuban mojito, shake and ready. This last ingredient brings more freshness to the drink, so do not leave it aside.
It is served in small glasses or in low cups, decorated with fresh mint leaves. For the preparation of the Mojito you can also use dry leaves, but the best is the living plant to achieve a better taste.

What rum to use for the mojito?

In supermarkets and wineries we can find rum of different brands, prices and quality. From the admiral sold in Mercadona to more prestigious rums such as Bacardi or Havana Club.
Being practical and heeding the experts, both brands are considered valid and more than valid to prepare a mojito at home. On the one hand, Bacardi was the original rum of the Mojito and was based on the same Cuban island but, at the beginning of the twentieth century, the company leaves the island and the authentic production of Cuban rum (in the geographical sense) Havana Club has it.
Choosing between one or another, or any other brand of rum, will depend exclusively on the palate of each and the recipe that is finally followed. The only thing you should take into account to make a good mojito is to choose a short aging rum since one of several years would produce a taste imbalance.

How to make Mojito mint or peppermint?

This is another one of the great questions that you end up getting when you are going to prepare mojito for the first time. Actually, although in many places they talk about peppermint, what is used is peppermint because it has a sweeter, less pungent flavor and gives more aroma than mint itself.
It is clear that there are many types of mint, but you can differentiate mint easily as you see it by having the smallest leaf, a lighter color and if the smell is softer but fresh.

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