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You can make homemade whisky, distill it yourself and get a quality drink. We tell you their origin and how to do it at home.



Origin of whisky


It has always been talked about the magnificence of Scotch whisky and is that it is believed that from there comes this drink so famous internationally.


Already in 1405 there are written references on the production of whiskey by the monks but it is believed that its origin is still much earlier. Some speak of the Celts, because they themselves already made the distillation of some cereals, and this concoction was considered a gift of the gods that awakened the body in the hard days of the winter.


Its name is translated as “water of life” and it is produced from the distillation of the fermented malt of different cereals: maize, barley, rye and wheat. Once it is distilled it is stored in barrels or barrels of wood so that it can grow old and obtain an aged whisky with the aromas that also contributes the wood. Traditionally white oak wood is used, although this may vary at present.


You will have seen that quality whisky is served in a very small amount, one or two fingers. The reason is not only its high price, it also influences that this drink usually has an alcoholic content of between 40 and 62% of the volume.


In turn, it is important to differentiate between the different appellations of origin of whisky.


  • Scotch whisky: From mild to intense and complex, with a minimum of 3 years in barrel.
  • American Whisky: They have aromas like coconut, vanilla or banana due to their stay in American oak casks. Here you have to differentiate between the appellations of Origin Bourbon and Tennessee.
  • Irish whisky: Mainly made with barley, wheat or oats. They are characterized by being a softer and more delicate whisky.

How to make Whisky


The elaboration of homemade whisky is somewhat complicated and therefore is so valued but rare in the general population. It is true that we can find another type of homemade alcoholic beverages, like wine or beer, but getting a good whisky at home has more complexity.


For those of you who think it is an unviable task, remember that whisky started preparing in a handcrafted way, so why not achieve it yourself?


Important. To keep in mind that it is going to be a long process, since whisky requires fermentation, maturation and aging, like any beverage of this kind.


We know that in the world of gastronomy the ingredients always have to be of quality if you want something really good. With whisky is not going to be the opposite, it is more, it is directly related the quality of the ingredients with the possibility of obtaining a good alcohol.


So, nothing to do nonsense and buy a cheap cereal the first time to try. You need quality material if you want quality.




  • Barley Grains
  • Water
  • Yeast
Make whisky step by step
The first step will be to ensure that the barley grains germinate. To do this, you have to immerse them in water until a small plant sprouts. You have to go stirring it once or twice a day for two or three weeks (time it usually takes) and then you strain it, drying them one by one. Sécalos or put them in an oven to remove moisture (carefully).
Grind the barley and you will have already converted barley into malt, just as starch has already become sugar. Place it on a container or directly in the still where you are going to bathe it for five hours with hot water (quality) at three different temperatures 64 ° C, 78 ° C and F 86 ° C for cooking.
After the indicated time and with the cold water, it will be time to add the yeast and let it ferment so that the sugars become alcohol.
If you want your whisky to be the most similar to Scotch whisky you have to make a double distillation of it. The still will be the best tool to get a well distilled whiskey, where you’ll increase the second time more than double the degree of alcohol.
Then it is left in the White oak barrel so that añeje, the number of years will vary. Once you get the desired aged point it mixes with water to soften its taste and you could bottle it. The great brands of Scotch whisky sell some with more than 40 years of age; It is very important the type of wood that you use to Añeje, will influence directly on the aroma and flavor of it.
Whisky is it taken with ice or without ice?
It is very easy to find photographs or shots of films in which the protagonist asks for a whisky and serve it in a low glass accompanied by some ice, while others claim that you have to drink it to dry stick.
The reality is that ice meets the function of cooling the beverage and attenuating the intense taste of alcohol, which does not mean that it loses degrees, eye. What’s more, the ice (if it is mineral water) causes the aromas and flavors of whisky to be boosted, hence it is also frequent that we find people who throw a splash of mineral water into the glass.

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