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The fondant has become one of the essential elements in confectionery, since it is used to decorate cakes, biscuits and muffins with a sensational result. We show you how to make fondant at home and how to use it


What is fondant?


Before you start talking about recipes or how you can work the fondant is important that we know what we are working on.


The fondant is an elastic sugar paste that can be found in multiple colors, or you can buy it in white and add the colorants that you like or prepare yourself at home. To see it, and with as many colors available as for its elasticity, usually remember the plasticine.


This pasta is usually used in creative pastries to decorate cakes, cookies and even muffins. We catalog it inside the creative confectionery because you will never see one of these three candies with fondant without having a very important decorative work, because with this pasta you can create all kinds of figures, from simple to very elaborate.



The showiness of fondant, especially in the cakes, has made it become one of the special gifts that can be included for a birthday or to choose the wedding cakes with a decoration of this type.


If we add that for a few years has had its own boom in the world of confectionery and pastries, it is not surprising that it is much easier to find them in multiple establishments such as lovers of candy and cooking have signed up to courses to learn to decorate with this pasta.


For those of you who are going to start with us, let me forward that there are several ways to prepare the fondant and that the decorations can be from the basic to the most elaborate. As always, go step by step, without demands, to be able to enjoy all the results in addition to the taste of your sweet.

Utensils to work with fondant

If you want to work with fondant and prepare some special decoration, you will need some basic utensils that will make you the easiest task and allow you to have a more professional result.
The positive aspect of these utensils is that they have a good durability, plantéatelo as an investment in your cooking tools. In case you do not feel like buying anything, if you have skill or are a creative person sure that some of these utensils will not be necessary, because you find other ways to achieve the same effect.
In confectionery stores, both online and physical, or in supermarkets with confectionery sections you will be able to find all kinds of utensils.
Some of the basic utensils are stencils, fondant cutters, roller, palette to soften lines and cutting scalpel. Later, we find other utensils that can be interesting to create different effects on the fondant as a wheel of cut, scissors with different cuts (there are different brands and effects on the fondant) or some more professional as a pistol for fondant.

Recipes: How to make fondant

The cloud fondant that we will teach you today to prepare is ideal for making cakes for children (everyone loves the Clouds!)), it is easy to prepare (the ingredients are easy to read and it is also very simple) and it is truly versatile as it can dye colors and create all kinds of combinations that suit the cake you are preparing.
Ingredients: (enough for about 20 cm)
  • Clouds of sugar (of which half roses come, half white). You can separate them, especially if you want to dye the fondant (white use only), except if you want it red/pink. 200 Gr.
  • No salt margarine. 1 tablespoon full.
  • Glass/impalpable sugar. 400gr.
  • Water, just a little.

How to make fondant?

First we will prepare the clouds (once already separated if we will use only the white part). Add the butter and a splash of water and bring to the microwave for 1 minute as much (you have to be careful not to burn!) The best thing is to give 20/30 seconds and mix to then give another 20/30 seconds).
You will know that the necessary time has elapsed when the clouds swell well and become well soft almost like a very thick caramel. Mix well and slowly start adding icing sugar. Mix constantly.
In a moment we will not be able to incorporate more sugar it is normal! It’s time then to put our fondant on the table and form a kind of mountain with the rest of the sugar. You can then start kneading with your hands (well clean!) so that the rest of the sugar is incorporated. How do you know your fondant is ready? In a moment you will be able to work without sticking to your fingers ready!
Now that we have the ready fondant will be a matter of stretching them and giving it the desired shape.

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