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Recently we tell you how to make a fond of clouds of sugar, today we share another delicious recipe of pastries that will serve to make the most fabulous cakes you can imagine: chocolate fondant. This fondant serves us to cover cakes, puddings and all kinds of masses; It is easy to prepare and looks truly professional. I hope you like it!


How to use the chocolate fondant?


The chocolate fondant is used as any other fondant. It works, it is given the shape, stretches it and covers the cake, with great care, forming a perfect coat, a sugary cover with chocolate flavor. It is especially recommended for vanilla or chocolate cake with little creamy fillings (rather dry), so that the shape stays perfectly.


The peculiarity of this fondant is that we can not change the color, it will be dark (depending on chocolate, black or brown). But this has certain advantages because it is more elegant, especially decorated with white (whether flowers or details).




  • 1 cup and a half of sour cocoa


  • 2 tablespoons of food glycerin


  • 100 Gr of glucose


  • 120 gr Butter


  • 1/4 cup milk cream (type of white sauce)


7 cups of impalpable sugar (not need to use everything, depends on the desired consistency and if you are going to use the fondant immediately or not, depends on up to the humidity condition of the environment in which you cook!)


  • 1 tablespoon of liquid vanilla


  • 1 tablespoon Tylose powder (CMC)




First we are going to bathe the following ingredients: glucose, glycerin, vanilla, butter and cream. We cook until all the ingredients are integrated into a sort of thick cream.


Then divide the sugar in half (in different bowls), one part we will mix it with the cocoa and the powder Tylose. Immediately incorporate the mixture that we have prepared to Bath Maria (still hot). Mix with a spatula to incorporate everything.


Go adding the rest of the sugar above (slowly and should not be necessary all) and go incorporating. The dough should be less sticky to the point of being able to work it with the hands. Then we take it with our hands and stretch it in a table sprinkled with impalpable sugar. Stretch a thickness of 1 cm with the desired shape to cover the cake. To make it work properly we should first cover the cake with meringue, frosting or dulce de leche.


Cover as with any fondant. And then decorate it over if you wish.

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