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The bastilles are traditional species of tarts in Morocco that are usually made with almonds, pigeon meat and eggs. As the pigeon meat is not the easiest to obtain, the best-known versions of the Bastilles are made with chicken, a delicious and nutritious meat. Also, it can be prepared with fish meat or shellfish, it all depends on the personal choice of who fence to prepare it.




Chicken Bastille


In this version of the recipe, the main ingredient is chicken and makes eight servings. Ideal to delight diners in a family or friends reunion.


For the dough
12 Blades of filo dough
Required amount of butter


For filling
80 cubic centimeters of oil
2 onions
1 medium Sized Chicken
Salt and pepper to taste
10 grams of ground ginger
1 envelope of saffron in threads
50 grams of cinnamon
Required amount of water
1 parsley
1 cilantro
8 eggs
100 grams of almonds
Required amount of impalpable sugar




To make the filling, take a casserole-type container and place the oil, the chopped onions, the chicken cut into chunks, salt, pepper, ginger, saffron and half the cinnamon. Add a glass of water, cover and cook over low heat to this preparation. A few times the chicken pieces should be flipped so that they are cooked properly.


Once the chicken is tender, remove it and continue cooking the sauce. Add parsley and cilantro. When the preparation is thickened, add the beaten eggs and season. Stir until preparation is condensed and removed. Remove the skin from the chicken and cut into small pieces.


Once the filling is made, proceed with the Assembly of the Bastille. Oil a mold of approximately 30 centimeters in diameter and dispose of it with 5 sheets of dough. Brush the dough sheets with oil and fill both with the chicken and the egg sauce. Cover with another sheet, brush with oil and fill with peeled and chopped almonds. Sprinkle with cinnamon and impalpable sugar.


You have the tips of the dough bent towards the center. Cut the rest of the dough sheets into discs with the same diameter of the mold, pincelarlas with butter and go stacking. Cover with toasted almonds.


Cook in oven for 45 minutes until golden brown.

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