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As a special dessert, we can also elaborate on this Christmas 2017 a rich chocolate pudding that is also very easy to do.




  • Manteca 100 GRS
  • Milk 200 cc
  • Chocolate 200 GRS
  • Egg 1
  • Flour leavening 200 GRS
  • Plum 100 GRS



With a saucepan in the bath (boiling water) melt the chocolate with the butter. In a bowl add the milk with the egg, and then pour the chocolate already melted.


Then the mixture is added to the flour, mixed with the plum already cut into small dice.


Butter and flour The pan, in a pre-heated oven, at 180 degrees and toss the mixture into a dough that should be as uniform as possible.


We cook at least 25 minutes. After this time, we pricked a little to see that the dough is already cooked and if so removed, let it cool a bit and then remove it from the mold. You can serve it with a little icing sugar sprinkled over or melted chocolate
And you’ll see how the kids pull their heads to prove it.

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