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The risotto, typically Italian dish, is one of my favorite rice recipes. The possibility of using what we have at hand, as well as varying flavors, makes the risotto an ideal dish for any occasion and to leave both vegetarians and carnivores happy. Then we tell you how to make risotto, the best recipe with the ingredients and the steps needed to make it. Enjoy!



How to make a risotto


A very important aspect to achieve a delicious risotto is to control the cooking time and the intensity of it. The final dish has to be a little creamy but without the rice pass and feel mushy (nothing more horrible than rice as soup!).


The best rice to make risotto is round, white and short grain. You never have to use long grain rice because then our risotto will not have that creamy consistency that we just want to achieve.


Something that is often wrong when it comes to preparing risotto is that the cold liquid is added. When the wine or broth is added, it should be hot, if it is added when it is cold, the cooking is cut. Then the rice grains are soft on the outside but raw inside.


The liquid that is added should not be very salty, because when it evaporates, it will concentrate and the dish will be so far off. You better be missing some salt than it is!


At 20 minutes of cooking the best thing is to try the rice to know if it is ready. When cooking is finished it is best to let it stand for a few minutes and then serve.


The Ristotto is an ideal dish to present in an attractive way. Molds can be used to make Arroyo and decorate with cortaditas mushrooms, herbs or vegetables.


How to make risotto-ingredients


  • 350 GR of rice
  • 1/2 Glass of white wine
  • 75 gr Butter
  • 1 Litre of beef broth
  • 75 gr of Parmesan cheese
  • Salt, pepper and a pinch of saffron

How to make risotto-step by step


Sauté the onion with half the butter in a large skillet. The onion should not be browned, so you have to watch it. Rice is then added and stirred always over low heat and preventing rice from roasting.


The white wine is then incorporated and stirred until the rice is absorbed. Just then the boiling broth is added. Add the saffron dissolved in a little broth. From now on you can count about 20 or 25 minutes of cooking time.


Then add the cheese and the rest of the ingredients, check for salt and pepper and ready! The best from this point is to let your imagination fly and create your own dishes. At the end of the day, tasting with the risotto can be transformed into chefs, at least for a meal.

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