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Today we are going to tell you how to prepare a delicious chicken steak. Although it may seem a bit complicated (I always wondered how to make it look attractive) today we tell you step by step how to make and the ingredients to fit you perfectly.



How to make Chicken Matambre


The Matambre emerged in Argentina, or so it is believed. It was the poet Echeverría who wrote an “apology to the Matambe”, giving a detailed description of how the rib should be cut to get a good matambe. But what we want to do today is very different and is more commonly known as a rolled up Matambe and is based on the principle of having several vegetables wrapped in a sealed layer of meat, which can be beef, pork, or, as in this case, chicken.


Then we share an excellent recipe to prepare chicken, I hope you enjoy!


How to make chicken meat-ingredients


These ingredients that we discuss below you have to keep in mind that it is for a chicken meat where you will get about 25 slices.


  • 50 Grs of carrots cut into canes
  • 1 large Chicken
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 cloves of minced garlic
  • 1/2 Cup chopped parsley
  • 120 Grs of grated cheese
  • 200 Grs of smoked pancetta in slices
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 green Pepper
  • 200 cm3 white wine or poultry broth
  • Rosemary, thyme and sprigs of oregano to taste
  • igs of oregano to taste
  • 1 Laurel Leaf

How to make Chicken Matambe – step by step


Cook carrots until golden and still crispy. 


Boning the Chicken


Place the chicken on a table with the breast down. Make a cut from the neck to the bottom. Separate by scraping with the knife to remove the flesh from the bones. Try to make the skin break as little as possible as it will be able to form the roll.


Finish separating the meat attached to the casing and remove it. Cut the wings. Leave only the part attached to the body and remove the bones, lowering the meat and always scraping with a knife.


Make a cut in the joint of the leg and thigh. Separate the meat from the two bones and bone the legs. Make a cut on the legs and wings and open the chicken by giving it a rectangular shape.


Prepare the Matambe


Arrange the chicken on an aluminum foil and season, mix the eggs with the garlic, parsley and cheese. Spread the chicken in the form of a couple with this preparation.


Distribute bacon, carrots and peppers. Season at ease. Roll, hold with a cotton thread and wrap it in the foil.


Cook on an oven tray at moderate temperature with white wine and herbs or poultry broth. Remove when meat is tender.

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