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If we look at the bakery or any supermarket, we find that there are more and more variety of breads so many times we find in the doubt of what bread to choose to make our snacks.



The best breads to make snacks


Based on the nutritionists ‘ data, the type of flour, the ingredients, the fiber and the vitamins it contains, we raise this list with the best snacks. Although we already warn you that in general way the refined flour has to lose and that those integrals are better for the fiber that we bring and the minerals. A very important fact is also glycemic index of each one, always choosing the ones that are lower.


Rye bread


This bread is increasingly sold in supermarkets and bakeries, and is often referred to as “black bread”. It is composed of wholemeal flour, containing up to 11.7% of fiber so it is especially advisable for people who suffer from constipation and also for those who suffer from diabetes.


Also many Celiacs wonder if they can take this type of bread and, although in small quantity, it does contain gluten so it is not advisable for them. In addition, it also carries other cereals and wheat, which makes it contribute more fiber but is not advisable for people who suffer from celiac.


Whole grain or whole-wheat bread


Wholemeal bread or whole grain bread are the same because they are also composed of the same: germ of the grain, endosperm or starch and the external part of Bran. Not containing refined flour is healthier because it has many vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin B, magnesium, zinc, antioxidants, phosphorus, folic acid and essential fatty oils. In addition, nutritionists recommend it for diets because it is also a natural satiation as it extends the digestions.


Although we should be careful because we can easily confudirnos when in the container of some breads put “with fiber” as this does not mean that it is whole wheat bread. What we need to look at is the percentage of ingredients and nutritional value. It is recommended that every 100 grams of bread, at least three grams of fiber.


How to use this bread? You can have a big snack with an avocado, tomato and olive oil sandwich.


Tritordeum Baguette


This bread is named because it is made up of the cereal Tritordeum created by the company Agrasys, which in turn consists of wheat and barley so it contains a lot of protein, lutein and fiber. It also has low levels of gluten and protein. The biggest problem of this bread is that it is not found on all sides, only in very specialized bakeries.


What kind of sandwich can we make with this bread? We recommend you some hummus, walnuts, pomegranate, chard and sesame seeds.


The worst breads to make snacks


And now that we have seen the best breads in the market to make snacks we also have to make a list with the worst breads with which we can make a sandwich.


Bread Mold


Although it is the classic bread with which we usually make snacks, in fact its ingredients are not too healthy, containing a high level of sugar. But first we must clarify that although it is known as “bread of mold” to the bread of sandwich, it is also bread of the mold that that we use to make puppies or burgers. Its fat percentage is 4.5 grams in each 100 grams of bread and also, its quality is not too good. Although it has its good things, as it is blandto and its soft taste, for those people who care about their health, they must avoid it at all costs.


White bread


The classic white bread is also made with refined flour and only with the starch part of the cereal so its quality leaves much to be desired, being a very poor bread in nutrients. In addition, the satiety that produces this bread is much smaller as it runs a very fast digestion.


As for the fiber, every 100 grams contains only a 2.3 grams of fiber.

Pita Bread


Finally, we wanted to talk about this bread that is also very fashionable and we can see consuming many influencers of healthy life. Although we may think it contains less calories because it has less crumbs, the reality is that it contains a lot of sugar. In this way, if you are following a regimen or if you want to take care of your health, we do not recommend this bread.

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