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The summer arrives so that you want and much, the power to take salads that are light or those that although something more nutritious become a healthy and healthy option to cook this season. Then we teach you how to make a rich cod salad and chickpeas.



Cod and chickpeas Salad

Today in epinosh, we bring you a sensational salad and you can easily prepare at home, perfect for those days of warmth and for any time you feel like enjoying something healthy and fast.


A recipe full of nutrients and proteins ideal to spend a day with many energies, is the cod salad and chickpeas. This dish is ideal for those who like nutritious meals and a balanced diet.


In previous recipes we have talked about the smash of our hummus recipe, today we share this delicious salad that combines the flavor of chickpeas with cod, the result is ten.


You know that there are many ways to prepare a chickpea salad with cod, but I think this is one of the easiest and most appetizing.


Let’s get her!


• 600 g chickpeas
• 1 onion
• 1 canned pepper
• ½ Garlic
• 1 desalted Cod
• 4 eggs
• Salt, oil and vinegar


An important part of this recipe is to desalinate the cod in the right way, so that it is not too salty in the salad. To desalinate it is enough to leave time before in water to lose some of the salt with which it has been preserved.


The ideal is to spend at least five or six hours to eliminate all the salt, but instead of leaving the cod in water without more, we can go changing the water every two hours. The best thing is that you do the explaining the night before to cook the dish.


After this time, you have to cook the chickpeas. If you have little time, you can use a pot of pre-cooked chickpeas with which you can go faster.


In another saucepan, put some water to boil with salt, when it is hot add the eggs so that we have a delicious hard-boiled eggs that combine wonderfully with these two ingredients. When they are, you take them out and peel them, cut in squares.


Part the cod in thin strips and reserve. Prepare a seasoning with the pepper onion, garlic, oil, vinegar and salt.


Once you have all the ingredients, put everything in a bowl and aliñas it with the sauce, rectify the salt if necessary and put it for an hour in the fridge.


After this time, it’s time to serve and enjoy all the flavor of this easy salad, right?


Potato and cod salad


Another way to prepare a rich salad for this summer, which is nutritious is to make one with potato and cod, so that we will replace in some way the main ingredient of the previous, the chickpeas, by the potato.


  • 300 Gr. of desalted cod
  • 4 medium potatoes
  • A fresh chive
  • A good chunk of red pepper or piquillo peppers or strips
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Sherry vinegar
  • 1 small garlic clove
  • Salt and chopped parsley



We begin by cleaning the potatoes well and cooking in water and salt for at least half an hour or three-quarters or until you see that they are soft (you will notice that the skin begins to rise).


Let them cool, peel and cut as we like to say, we can cut them into slices, sliced or as if they were for a stew.


The pepper is washed with the onion; We take the onion and chop it in fine julienne leaving the pepper to strips, to be able to be very thin and more if it is fresh pepper.


We now place the pieces of cod that we will have previously desalted (as we have already explained before leaving for several hours to soak in water), in a frying pan with a little oil and cook lightly on a low heat so that it catches some flavor. If you do not have too much time and think that desalting the cod and more is something too laborious, you have the option to cook this recipe using cod crumbs.


In the oil in which we have lightly cooked the cod, a vinaigrette is prepared. He sticks a little with the rods and check if he is flirting as if it were a sauce (because of the sauce that in itself releases the Cod. Once we check that it is tied, add the vinegar, along with the crushed garlic and chopped parsley. It is proven if it is well of salt.


Now it is time to assemble the salad by placing the potatoes and the rest of the ingredients in a bowl and we will water it with the vinaigrette. Leave the Cod to add the end so that it does not get undone. Once added it is served cold.

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