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There is a delicious variety of types of red wines that we must know to choose the best maride with our dishes and make a meal a gastronomic enjoyment. This will be a good thing to explain the types of red wines and their pairings and in this way, always make the right choice. Shall we go for it?



Types of wine and their pairings


The type of wine determines the character of it, which is the most perceptible and easy to determine when tasting a wine.


Unlike fragrances and flavors, they change and are subtle, depending on the production conditions many times.


So many times we do not know what wine we should choose for our celebrations or meals red, white, rosé wines …?


Many of us are guided by the taste, it is something indisputable, but if we knew something more about the red wines depending on the character, we could say that it will be difficult not to get.


How to distinguish a wine



When you go through a vineyard you can easily distinguish what type of wine you produce; And if we focus on red wines we can say very specific things about it.


In this way, red wines are those obtained from grapes that are red inside but can have an exterior color similar to the purple (in their different ranges) and reddish near the garnet.


One of the great myths about red wine, of which we have to detach, is that it only combines with dishes like meat.


This is completely false because we can actually find types of red wines that go perfectly with desserts or sweets like chocolate.


The classification of red wines


What makes red wine so special are the tannins that are extracted from the skins of the grape during fermentation.


Within the classification itself we have those that are:


  • Fruity primary such as Barolo, Bordeaux, Brunello di Montalcino or Rioja.
  • Those with a secondary aroma with spices like cloves, cinnamon, black pepper.
  • Balsamics based on pine, vanilla, and leather or herbals with eucalyptus, mint, or tobacco.
  • A wine rich in tannins is aged in wooden barrels and then aged for a long time in the bottle.

Types of red wines: Cabernet

Cabernet Franco is a traditional wine, a little dulled by the success of Cabernet Sauvignon, the free variety is brighter and lighter, with an herbal taste, a consequence of the level of tannin.
What pairing this kind of wine?
You can pairing it perfectly with pasta dishes and lasagna, poultry and grilled meats, as a great variety of cheeses.
Its flavor is more complete than the rest of the red wines

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is the most famous and common wine Bordeaux whose production has been expanded by the old and New world.
Fashionable wine in the eighteenth century, it has a rich fragrance and a strong flavor that makes it especially suitable to combine with other strains. You can pairing it with red meats and hunting, strong cheeses, dishes with a bitter touch (endive).
mixed with Malbec, Cabernet franc, Merlot or Petit Noir, it results in distinctive wines, whose flavors have a lot of personality, although it usually tastes like black currant or chocolate.

Types of red wines: Grenache

Grenache or Garnacha, is one of the most cultivated red grapes in the world.
Due to the climatic conditions it needs for its cultivation, warm and dry temperatures, it is believed that this vine can be originating in Spain, although it is also cultivated in Sardinia, California, France and Australia.
Despite having a soft taste on the palate, you have to be careful in your production to get a good wine, as it has a high alcoholic graduation. On the other hand, this grape is not only used in the production of red wines, it is also common to find the Garnacha grape as a component of rosé wines.

How can you pairing this type of wine?

You can pairing with cured cheeses, powerful salads (with ingredients such as chicken), all types of meat and fish of intense flavor.

Types of red wines: Malbec

A type of wine very popular in the region Bordeaux, in the area of Cahors, in France, and very famous in Argentina, where is the most popular red wine. Although we can talk about the same grape the difference between the two is important, we have to bear in mind that it is not the same type of land or climate.
French malbecs are usually characterized as a grape with a strong structure and firm tannins, however, Argentines are usually more fruity (violets, blackberries, plums …) and ripe tannins.
In any case, in general we can say that Malbec is a dark and inking wine that tends to taste of blackberries and black plums.
For sharing with you some of the stories that are told in the popular knowledge, they say that the name of Malbec could be due to a Hungarian pilgrim who propagated the grape throughout France.

What foods can we pairing?

Experts recommend pairing this wine with dishes such as red meats (lamb) or vegetables (tomatoes, peppers …).

Types of red wines: Merlot

In the region of Bordeaux, France, this is the wine whose production is most widespread. It also grows very well in northern Italy.
Merlot ripens rapidly producing wines with a high alcohol content, with a fruity aroma (blackberries, red berries, currants …) and spices; In the mouth, it tends to have a pleasant taste with plum, raisins and mint.
This is a strong but ideal wine to start the wine tasting to know how to distinguish them.

What foods can pairing?

This wine can be pairing perfectly with sweets such as quince, semicured cheeses, stews, legumes, game meats and rice.

Types of red wines: Pinot Noir

We are faced with a variety of grapes that require a lot of mime and, when you get the best out of it, we can stand before a sublime wine.
Although very popular you have to know that it is one of the most difficult wines to cultivate since it is usually of a single grape, and although sometimes it can be mixed with others, it is not normal.
The aromas of this wine are fruity (fruits of the forest, strawberries, grapefruits) but we can also find floral tones (earthy, mint, vanilla …).
In addition to that fruity aroma, Pinot Noir usually smells of moist leather, or it reeks of tea leaves.

What can pairing do with it?

Their pairing can surprise as it is sensational to combine with Asian food. Other dishes would be white meats, fish, legumes, all the ways you want to prepare the lamb, mushrooms and soft cheeses.

Types of red wines: Syrah or Shiraz

The Syrah grape is one of the most potent thanks to its floral and fruity aromas that mingle with smoky touches. Its color is a deep red, rich in tannins and often reminds of a fragrance of violets, tobacco and truffles.

What can we pairing it with?

In my case, the first time I enjoyed a real pairing of Syrah wine was the production of Hacienda Zorita (Salamanca) and I was completely in love.
A wine that could be combined perfectly with the meat but we ended up surprising with the chocolate, getting its taste even more potent, making the most of each note of dessert.
We could also taste it with strong cheeses that were produced there and it was a sublime thing. You can choose it as your beverage for roasts, grilled meats and game meats, stews and strong stews.

Types of red wines: Zinfandel

In California, good wines are also produced and this is one of the best reds that we can highlight among the types of wines of this type that leave the United States.
This is a wine of a type of grape that is somewhat more versatile than the other specialties of Tinto, which is distinguished by its strong flavor, although it can be produced with specialty semi-dulce which is also rosé.
Their taste is very peculiar, although it depends on where their grapes have been grown, they may vary.
In the colder climates, it tends to get a raspberry flavor, while in the warmer areas you will know more about pepper and anías.
Anyway, we have to explain that the Zinfandel is a wine that is born from a strong fruity base that also has hot tones.

What can we do with it?

It is quite popular thanks to the good reputation it has to combine well with many popular dishes, whether roast beef, grilled meats, pasta dishes and even pizza.
There is another specialty for this type of wine that is the white Zifandel, although in reality it is a slightly sweet rosé wine with an acid balance.

Types of red wines: Tempranillo

The Tempranillo could be regarded as the national star wine. This type of grapes produce a dark, long-life wine with a soft taste and a hint of cherries.
The result is a little bright and light wine that is often mixed with other types of wine.
Its elaboration is made from the Tempranillo grapes, which are considered the best among the grapes to make Spanish wines.
This specialty is usually offered as a young wine, although in fact it achieves its greatest potential after years of ageing in oak casks.
Also, you have to know that the color of a good tempranillo can vary depending on the aging of its production.
Anyway, his name already tells us the amount of time it takes to ripen, early, so it is a wine that can be found in multiple places because of its good adaptation to the climate.
That yes, depending on these climatic conditions we will find a wine that can have more or less intense aromas.
Among the aromas would the plums, red berries, raspberries and blackberries, although we also find the oak and aromas of coffee or smoky notes.

What can you do with this wine?

This type of wine combines with many dishes and meals, although it will be irresistible as long as its pairings are pasta with light sauces, all kinds of roasted meats (such as lamb), fish (especially river), as well as stews, and as not, sausages and soft cheeses.
It is definitely the most popular red wine in Spain so you can never miss it at our table.

Classification of wines by maturation

Within the classification of Spanish red wines we can find four types depending on their labelling (which by the way is also indicated for wines that are white).

Guarantee of Origin

This category guarantees the origin and the year of the wine. They are usually wines in their first or second year, which retain their primary characteristics of freshness and fruitiness. This category can also include other wines that do not fit in the categories of Crianza, Reserva or Gran reserva, even if they had been subjected to ageing processes, because they were not certified by the Regulatory Council.


It is those wines that are at least in their third year that have remained at least one year in oak casks. In white wines the minimum period of ageing in barrels is 6 months.


It corresponds to very selected wines with a minimum ageing between oak cask and three-year bottle, of which one at least in barrel. In white wines The ageing period is 2 years, of which at least 6 months in barrels.

Great Reserve

It corresponds to wines of great crops that have been raised a minimum of two years in oak casks and three years in bottle. In white wines The ageing period is 4 years, of which 6 months at least in barrels.

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