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There is very little time for Christmas to come, a special time to share with family and friends. For this festivity is very common to cook a bird of great port, for the moment of meeting with acquaintances. The turkey is usually the most wanted, because it is succulent and can feed several people, plus it is really tasty.



The drawback of Turkey is that it tends to inconvenience all those cooks who prepare it for the first time, as it is necessary to carry out a previous process, during and after the cooking of the turkey. It’s a lot of work, and it takes patience and a lot of enthusiasm. Then we will leave some interesting tips so they know how to cook the turkey and they are perfect so that they can serve it in some festivity, with the upcoming Christmas.


Cleaning the turkey


Although it is a fairly “clean” bird (lots of meat and few fatty areas), it is necessary to perform a very deep internal cleaning. The first thing we have to do is open the turkey’s legs and remove the internal organs of the animal like the liver, the heart, etc. At present many people buy the turkeys with the internal parts already withdrawn, for greater comfort.


This point is essential because we need the bird to be well cleaned by the time we place the filling. For that reason, after removing the giblets, wash the turkey with lots of water and dry it with paper towels (if you leave it wet, the turkey will make a real mess inside your oven).


How to fill the turkey?


As you can imagine, the filling of the turkey is introduced through the opening hole that remains between the legs of the animal (where we remove the giblets). Here you have to be careful because it is not advisable to insert the filling by measuring “a Ojo”, because you can pass in the quantity and the bird will overflow.


The calculation is as follows: Place half a cup of filling for every kilo of the turkey. When the filling process is complete, the bird must be attached to the legs so that the hole is closed and the filler does not leave the animal while in the oven.


Baths and dressings


They are complements that help the turkey to be much tastier. The contents of the baths or dressings depends on the taste of each cook. An external bath is usually performed and juices or wines are injected with a syringe. What is recommended is to make a first layer of bath before putting the turkey in the oven and then apply more layers and “injections” to the animal while cooking.




There is no magic formula for calculating the time during which the turkey is to be cooked. That depends on the intensity of the fire in the oven and the size of the bird. It is advisable not to put the oven very strong because the animal is going to snatch (cooked on the outside and raw inside).


The total cooking takes several hours and it is better to make it over low heat. If you have a kitchen thermometer, you will know that the Turkey is ready when its temperature reaches 75 degrees. It should be noted that in the case of using a cooking thermometer should not support it on the meat of the animal, but on the bone.

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