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More and more people are practicing sports and it is necessary to know what foods are key to athletes, because vitamins are a fundamental element in the health of the organism.


A balanced diet and a good dose of sport are the perfect mix to have a very healthy lifestyle.


When we talk about feeding for athletes, we quickly tend to think of carbohydrates or fruits like bananas, rich in potassium, which are fundamental to recharge of energies.


The kiwi is another ideal fruit but it is often unnoticed; Its high content of vitamin C contributes a wide variety of benefits to the organism:


  • It improves the assimilation of other nutrients, such as fats, so they do not accumulate in the body.
  • It reinforces the immune system, which implies that the organism is much stronger to cope with viruses and all kinds of adversities.
  • It promotes the production of collagen, favoring that the body tissue, tendons, and cartilages remain as young and healthy as ever.
we have on the one hand the Kiwi that is available during all the months of the year, being a sensational option to recharge batteries and maintain the organism in perfect condition; On the other hand, as before you indicated, is the Kiwi having a sweeter and juicy flavor, instead of so refreshing.
Without a doubt, both for athletes and for sedentary, the kiwi is a fruit with multiple healthy properties that should not be lacking in our diet.

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