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Tips for cooking chickpeas The right way is one of the fundamental steps to get a good dish, neither too past nor hard. Watch out for these tricks.



How to cook chickpeas without pressure cooker


The three most widely used and well received chick peas are the predosillano chickpea, the white and the Castilian.
When we cook the chickpeas there are two classic fears, that are not as tender as we want or that lose their skin in the way. To prevent any of these two things from happening, watch out for these simple steps:


  • Put the chickpeas in soak the day before. The ideal is to put the dried chickpeas in abundant water of the time for 12 hours.
  • After this time, when you go to put the chickpeas to cook (either in the water where they have been soaking as in new water) wait until the water breaks to boil and then you can incorporate them.
  • Cooking must be kept on a soft flame until tender.

The cooking time of the chickpeas will vary depending on the chickpea you have bought, the type of water used and the age of the chickpea, since it is not the same use old legumes that freshly collected. If you make them in a normal saucepan the cooking time will be about 2 hours, considering what has been mentioned a moment ago.


How to cook chickpeas in a fast cooker


The preparation steps above are exactly the same when we use the fast cooker, the only thing that will vary is the cooking times.


When using the pressure cooker the cooking time of the chickpeas will be 20 minutes, time begins to count once the pot begins to release steam. Depending on the pot you have you can see it in different ways, some whistle or move a lever.


How to cook chickpeas in Thermomix


The Presoak steps are the same as in traditional cooking, which will change are the steps to be made during cooking.


In the glass of the Thermomix put 1400 ml of water, put it at speed 1 for 12 minutes and a temperature of 100 º.


After this time, introduce the chickpeas with a little oil and salt. It programs to 30 minutes, at speed 2 and a temperature of 100 º.


After this time, boiling water is added again (300 Gr.) and another 30 minutes at speed 2 and a temperature of 100 ° is programmed.


After 30 minutes This step is repeated and once the programming is finished, the chickpeas are tested to make sure they are tender. If they are still not in the ideal cooking point, another 15 minutes at Speed 2 and 100 º of temperature is reprogrammed.


Once they are ready, they drain to remove the water and, depending on the use you want to give, are prepared in one way or another.

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