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Three different ways to prepare a tuna salad sandwich with easy-to-find ingredients, easy to prepare and delicious. These are my favorites during the summer, to take a picnic, to the pool or beach with the ease of being able to peck during the day.


The tuna salad sandwiches are the milk, they are tremendous and fancy at any time of the year but in summer is something essential.


You can prepare the typical sandwich to use or make some mini sandwiches, we have left it in a toast to make it more visible the content, but you just have to put another bread toast on top and you have your sandwich to 100%.


The tuna combines very well with a multitude of ingredients, so do not be surprised because we will make different proposals and all really simple to prepare and ingredients that you can have at home easily.


Tuna Salad sandwich with peppers

One of the great classics of tuna is to prepare a tuna salad with piquillo peppers, the combination of the flavors is fantastic and is a salad that can be prepared in very little time.


You can make your own piquillo peppers or, since buying a few cans of tuna, take advantage to bring a few cans of canned piquillo peppers, you will see how you have dishes faster and delicious.


Tuna Sandwich Tuna salad with peppers – ingredients


  • 1 Puff of tuna
  • Pimentos de Piquillo
  • Baguette

Tuna Sandwich Tuna Salad with peppers – preparation


This recipe has no mystery and it takes a lot more time to explain how to do it.


Cut a few slices of bread, roast it if you want to be more crisp and ready.


Open the can of piquillo peppers, remove the water from the pepper that you are going to use and check that there is no piece of skin attached. Ready? Well, you put it on the slice of bread.


Crumble the tuna can and spoon over the bread.


Another way to prepare: cut the piquillo peppers and throw them a plate; Crumble the tuna and toss it on the plate. Stir it all well and with a tablespoon, you are throwing on the loaves. This option is faster if you have many diners.


Tuna Salad sandwich with lettuce

One of the great classics of the tuna salad sandwiches, with that hint of mayonnaise that gives it a perfect spot.


We have not added it for lack of gender at home but include a hard-boiled egg! You’ll see what a sensational mix.


Tuna Salad Sandwich-ingredients

  • 1 Puff of tuna
  • Lettuce leaves
  • Mayonnaise
  • Fresh chives
  • Baguette

Tuna Sandwich Tuna Salad-Preparation


The first thing is to slice the bread, which is a bit thick or open it in half to make the typical sandwich. You have the option to toast a little bread or you can enjoy it as if it is fresh, this goes in consumer tastes.


Once you have it, you just have to pour a few tablespoons of mayonnaise on the bread (amount to taste).


On top you put some lettuce leaves, you will see that the mayonnaise is easier to stay in place, and add a little-chopped chives in thin strips.


Finally, you have some good tablespoons of tuna in olive oil on top and you already have your tuna salad sandwich ready.


Tuna Salad sandwich with tomato

Tuna salads with tomatoes are a classic in my house. A quick and light dinner for any time of the year, and if you have some good tomatoes at home, no matter how fast it does not cease to become an absolutely delicious dish 100% recommended!


Tuna Salad sandwich with tomato: ingredients

  • 1 puff of tuna in olive oil
  • Tomatoes
  • Chives (optional)
  • Bauegette

Tuna Salad sandwich with tomato: preparation


As in previous cases, cut the bread into thick slices or open it in half to make the sandwich. If it is fresh bread, I prefer it as is, but if it is a little hard or want a texture more crisp, do not cut and tuéstalo a little.


Wash the tomato and cut it into slices, the thickness I leave to the taste of each. Put them on the bread and pour a little salt over it.


Crumble the tuna can and spoon it over the tomatoes.


Finally, you can add a few strips of chives to give it another touch of flavor.


As in the tuna salad sandwich with peppers, you can prepare everything previously on a plate. Instead of cutting the tomato sliced you can do it in dice, although you may miss a bit of your juice. Add the shredded tuna, the chives in dice, stir well and stuffed pieces of bauegette.

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