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This is an easy recipe to prepare a summer salad, ideal for a picnic or to enjoy a light lunch. In this article we will explain the ingredients you need to prepare a salad of palm hearts and ham.


Throughout the article you will find a perfect salad for the months of heat, ie ideal for spring summer. It is also a recipe rich in vitamins and minerals, discover how to prepare it.


Palmetto and Ham Salad – ingredients

As you can see the ingredients for this salad are easy to get and you don’t need many.


  • 250 gr of palm hearts
  • 500 gr white melon without skin
  • 250 gr of good quality serrano ham
  • A couple of tablespoons of sugar

Preparation of the Palmetto and Ham Salad – step by step


In the next four steps you will have the Palmetto and Ham salad:


First cut the palms into slices more or less thin (not very thin!) and then cut the melon without the shell in similar sized cubes.


Also cut the Serrano ham into pieces or very small or too little.


Choose a nice fountain to serve, mix the palm slices with the melon cubes and decorate with the Serrano ham. Salt to taste and pour over the olive oil.


Keep refrigerated until the time of serving so the salad keeps it fresh.

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