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Ginger tea has a multitude of properties, but you also need to know how to prepare it to maximize your benefits. We tell you.



Ginger has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, to alleviate various disorders


Ginger Tea, what’s the use


Ginger comes from China and India, where this ingredient has been used both in the world of medicine and in Asian gastronomy. One of the most striking aspects of Ginger’s attention are the excellent properties it has along with its characteristic flavor, which can make a dish taste completely different.


of ginger can be used absolutely everything. The root is used in both the kitchen and the medicine, and the ginger leaves are sometimes used to prepare a salad with a varied taste and texture. The root, or rather the rhizomes, are characterized by being a chubby stalk underground that can be used fresh, cooked or to make tea.


If we focus solely on the benefits offered by Ginger to health highlights its ability to alleviate nausea (it is one of its best known benefits) and, according to the studies that are carried out, also highlight its analgesic effects such as gingerols and phenols. Some say that, simply, science has now confirmed what centuries ago was known, that the root of ginger reduces pain. Drink_tea





It has anti-inflammatory effect and helps to prevent stomach ulcers and heartburn. It improves circulatory problems, menstrual pain, migraine and arthritis pains.


Ginger treatments are considered a homeopathic treatment, but the traditional medical community is already conducting research on the properties of this plant. Ginger tea has a surprising flavor, something pungent.


It is an excellent infusion for digestion, if your head aches, for cold or sore throat, so taking a ginger tea is a healthy habit. In countries like England in cold times it is taken up daily to prevent cooling.


Ginger Tea for slimming


Ginger is also used for weight loss purposes, in fact, the combination of ginger and lemon is considered an interesting option to keep the organism clean and to lose weight.


In this case, the combination of both offers vitamin C, antioxidant and low calorie. And, ginger specifically, accelerates the functioning of the metabolism that translates into an increase in calorie burning and elimination of fat.


Ginger Tea for coughing


One of the most important aspects of ginger with respect to cough are its anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and expectorant properties. Some ginger tea can help you control your cough and remove the mucus.


By containing all kinds of vitamins and nutrients it also makes it an ally to strengthen the immune system.

Ginger tea. Recipe


Ginger tea is an experience in the mouth, with a slight flavor of hot (it all depends on how much you throw the itch can increase) the body gets warm quickly. It is important to know how to prepare well to make it a pleasant drink, which you can enjoy.


Ginger Tea: Ingredients


  • Half a liter of water
  • A medium-sized bulb or two small ginger
  • Optional one tablespoon of honey and a few drops of lemon

How to prepare ginger tea



The preparation is very simple, put the half liter of water to boil.


Second, peel the ginger rhizomes into thin slices and once you break to boil add the ginger. The container is covered and left to simmer for 20 minutes.


The liquid is strained and added honey and lemon to taste, but there are also those who take it natural. Serve hot and enjoy.


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