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If you want to prepare some fajitas, tacos or burritos We tell you how to make homemade Tortilla with which to succeed at home. Much easier than you imagine and with a great result, so you can have a delicious 100% homemade fajitas.


Tortillas are a kind of bread that can be used for different purposes in food. It can be used as an accompaniment bread to any dish and can be the basis of a dish on which will be placed a concrete filling, depending on the tastes of each.


In countries like Mexico, tortillas are the quintessential accompaniment and can be enjoyed with a multitude of meals.


How to make Tortilla for fajitas


To prepare these pancakes or tortillas of máiz is going to be essentially the quality of the ingredients. In Spain, it may be harder to find a wide variety of cornmeal but you can find some brand on large surfaces or in shops specializing in Latin cuisine.


At the moment, we can tell you that corn flour is not the same as the cornstarch, so you can use the corn flour of the brand pan but do not utilize the cornstarch, which is corn starch.


Tortilla: Ingredients


  • 2 cups corn flour
  • 1 cup + 1/3 Cup water

Tortilla: Preparation


Use the same cup to measure the flour and water, so you will be sure that the equivalences are the exact ones.


In the water give it a heat stroke, it doesn’t have to be boiling, just a little warm.


In a bowl pour the cornmeal and then the water. Insert your hands and keep stirring to mix all the ingredients until they are completely linked. You will see that there is a solid mass and that it does not stick in your hands.


Once you have it, the lids and let it rest for 5 minutes.


Then take a chunk of dough and give it a ball shape. Depending on the size of dough you’ve taken you’ll get your Tortilla.


There are special machines to make tortillas or pancakes, but you can use two containers at home – a bigger and smaller ones-placing the tortilla in the big one and the small one is crushed evenly, to get the typical shape. Yes, always put a plastic or vegetable paper so it does not stick and can be removed easily.


Put a frying pan on the fire and toss the tortilla. At the moment when you start to be able to move around the frying pan, it will be the sign that it is made, as if it starts to inflate, although not everyone raises it.


Once they are ready, remove them and cover them to keep the heat.


Ready to serve!


Recipes with Tortilla

Most of the time we have bought the tortillas at the grocery store and have not done it at home, more than anything for the rush and the short period available but, we also have moments in which we prepare them at home and the effort is very worthwhile.


In this section, we share the different recipes that you can prepare with the pancakes or tortillas, special flavors and other classics for you to find the one that goes more with you. Maybe it’s a blunder, but we usually use corn and wheat tortillas for all kinds of dishes, as you’ll see Continaución:

How to make Mexican-style fajitas

In this recipe “How to make Mexican-style fajitas” We show you how to prepare a chicken filling with a good touch is with those who can enjoy fajitas in the purest Mexican style and delicious tortillas.
If you are worried about the hot pepper is easily customizable, you only have to dispense with the chili and will having tasty fajitas.

Chicken Fajitas

In this version of Chicken Fajitas you will find that we have only used a lot of green peppers and onions, instead of the variety of peppers from the previous recipe. It also changes the point of hot, so you can follow either of the two recipes or make a combination of both to give what you like.
It is a very easy recipe to do and to follow, it does not require much work or effort. Just click here “Chicken Fajitas” so you can see the ingredients in full and step by step of the preparation.

Mexican Burritos

Sometimes a single ingredient can change the whole dynamics of a dish and, in this case, cilantro gives a spectacular touch to the filling of the burritos that we prepare at home. A recipe that we liked very much and we encourage you to prepare.
It does not have a great difficulty but it does take some time to prepare everything. This is the step by step “Mexican burritos”.

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