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The sausage with the cider is a typical recipe of Asturias and one of those dishes that are immediately associated to sitting in a terrace in the sun with a good drink in the hand and a dish that only with the smelling makes the mouth water. We show you how to prepare it at home easily.


Preparing chorizo to cider at home is very simple and the first step is to have good ingredients. Then you just have to do what your name indicates, cook the sausages in cider and ready. From there you get all that juice and flavor that you can also enjoy in your sauce.
Is it a caloric dish? Yes, but it is also very good, so also buy a good bread so you do not miss anything to enjoy this dish of chorizo to cider. If you want to combine it with other tapas, just click here “easy recipes of Spanish tapas”.


Chorizo with cider: ingredients


  • 6 – 8 Fresh sausages
  • 1 Bottle of Cider
  • Laurel Leaf
  • Oil



Chorizo with cider: preparation


Although it is a simple recipe, they can be prepared in different ways but what never fails is to cook the sausages in cider.


Place the sausages inside a saucepan (another version is to chop them a little with a toothpick to leave the fat outside) and cover them with all the content of the cider and a leaf of laurel previously washed.


By the time you start boiling the cider counts for 15 minutes. Before removing it pínchalos to see if they are tender and cooked, but lower the fire and let them continue cooking for a few more minutes.


Let it rest for a moment with the fire off. Once the sausages are ready, you take them to a plate and cut them into slices rather thick.


Then throw them in the container where you are going to present it, very typical of the clay casserole, and bring it to the table along with the bread, wooden chopsticks or forks.


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