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The Orejas De Carnaval are a dessert of the Galician gastronomy typical of one of the most enjoyed and famous events of Galicia, the carnival. We tell you how to prepare it at home in a simple way and with a delicious result.

Orejas De Carnaval, in Galician orellas of Entroit, are one of the typical desserts of these dates. In addition, you can combine it with other sweets typical of these dates like the Filloas of Carnival, very similar to the mass of the crepes but can be made with milk or blood of the slaughter.
The Filloas have a soft and juicy texture, while the Orejas De Carnaval have a very crunchy texture. It is important to do them well and take care of the frying so that they do not know fat. In the same way, the traditional thing is to use lard instead of butter, so if you have at home you only have to change one for another.
If you do not want to buy icing sugar and want to make it at home grinding sugar, the reality is that you never reach the same texture so it is preferable to buy but there you have another option if you see hasty at the last moment.


Orejas De Carnaval: Ingredients

  • 500 gr of flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 100 gr Butter
  • A dram of anise
  • 120 gr Powdered sugar
  • Water
  • grated lemon or orange
  • Sal, a pinch
  • Mild olive oil or sunflower
– Preparation: Easy


Orejas De Carnaval: Preparation


Wash the fruit (orange or lemon) and grate the peel without any white part, because it can contribute acidity to the mixture instead of the citrus touch.
Pour the zest in a bowl together with melted butter, pinch of salt, sugar, eggs, lukewarm water and anise. Help a few rods to make all the ingredients completely integrated and homogeneous.
Incorporating the flour little by little, for it it leaves to one side the rods and uses a spatula to remove it comfortably. If you like to knead manually, this is your recipe, pour some flour on a dry surface, dump the dough and end up it with energy for about 7 minutes.
Once it is homogeneous, put it in the container and cover with a cloth, leaving it to stand between 30 and 45 minutes.
After that time, you only have to cut small pieces, stretch them and fry them in hot oil. Turn and turn because they are done immediately, you take them on absorbent paper and then you pass it to the container where you want to present them to pour the icing sugar above.

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