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The current sedentary and stressful pace of life helps increase weight. In addition, the lack of time to exercise regularly and sustainably functions as an amp factor. All this becomes a problem that seems to have no end. It is solved as you can, but those two or three Kilo that are caught during the holiday or summer holidays are already a classic and we see that we end up weighing, more from a psychological point of view that real because we do not get rid of them.
Faced with this reality, they made their appearance from the years 90 several products “miracle” that promised to lower several kilos in a few weeks or sizes of waist, abdomen or thigh. They used to be a store pasture but, years later, they also became more engrossed in “prime Time” advertising on television and radio. But did they really get the effects they guaranteed? The debate is served and polarized among those who claim to have experienced spectacular results and among those who consider them a simple cheat.
Obviously, any process of weight loss must be supervised by a dietitian and that these supplements, to take them, are a support in our goal, never think that alone with that will be enough as if they were Fierabras balsams. However, although the composition of each product varies according to the case, we can make some generic observations of what they provide, both positive and negative. That is why we will dedicate this post to talk about slimming products: advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Slimming Products


The main advantage that the slimming products tend to sell is that they limit the absorption of fats of the organism when food is ingested, especially during the main meals (thanks to the chitosan) and also by a satiating effect that regulates the appetite (through the Fructo-oligosaccharides). When they work well and are used correctly, it is normal that they help to lose some kilo more than those that are being reduced by a low-calorie diet.
Other properties that tend to have the products to lose weight:
  • They tend to act as a laxative because they contain products with fiber, which helps regulate intestinal transit and fights constipation. In fact, in cases of well-known brands, he goes to the bathroom more often.
  • They usually have a diuretic function the vast majority of slimming products, since they contain substances such as asparagus  that make urinate more often. This solves one of the problems that many people suffer from overweight: the retention of fluids.
  • They tend to help the absorption of certain vitamins like C, which is related to the increase of the defenses of the organism and with a better tone and health of the skin.
  • Many slimming products contain tea and caffeine that serve to maintain at correct levels the calorie intake but without adding fats; They also help to be more active and “awake” during the day.
  • There are products that contain bioflavonoids, indicated to promote and regulate the circulatory system. They may be beneficial in low-voltage cases, although their effectiveness, in this case, is not proven.
  • In some cases, these products can help to reduce the level of cholesterol and triglycerides, either directly by the components they have or indirectly thanks to the weight loss and the adjustment that our organism will make with those kilos less.

Disadvantages of Slimming Products

First of all, something essential is to keep common sense. As beneficial as a product may be, it will hardly serve itself to lose thirty kilos in two or three months, since the slimming process tends to be gradual and sustained. In addition, very sudden losses usually come accompanied by a rebound effect that, in the end, leaves us with a somewhat higher weight than the initial.
It should also be borne in mind that these treatments are designed for a certain period of time and not indefinite. If we prolong it in time, these treatments will no longer have the capacity to lose weight, since the organism has already become accustomed.
Secondly, however natural the composition of these products is, this does not mean that they lack any side effects. It depends on each individual case and the effect will be limited because some products are already sold free, but it is important to know the composition to see if we react negatively to any of its components. For example, if you tend to suffer from diarrhea, these products may not be indicated for you by the laxative effect of most of these products. Your bowel movements may be liquid and more greasy than before because the substance is not assimilated by the organism.
Some slimming products block the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, such as a, D, and E. Therefore, if you are in your ideal weight or have some lack of these nutrients, ideally you refrain from taking them because they will be generating more damage than anything else.
While caffeine and tea are positive for certain diets of slimming, you may not do well to take it at night if you suffer from insomnia because they tend to excite the organism. Many of these products are indicated to take with the main meals, so this type of interference is possible. On the other hand, if you suffer from hypertension, there may be products that you don’t want to take because they aggravate that disorder. What in some cases gives vitality to others may be excessive.
In short, slimming products can be an ally in our weight loss process as long as we are aware that alone will complement the effort we are making (through diets or physical exercise) and that we have to know carefully the composition to see if they adjust to what our body needs.

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