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Many think that to have a healthy body, always have to pull the concept of losing kilos to be healthy. But remember that there are many types of people in the world and not everyone wants to lose weight to be healthy.
Exactly, there are some who need to gain weight, to look healthy. And no longer look healthy, but to feel better about them.
  • Fill a little more clothes
  • To donate blood
  • Getting pregnant
  • be able to dance
  • Be able to compete in an athletics test
  • Have the strongest immune system
  • Define the body …
There are many reasons why you want to get fat. But of course, you have to do it with a head.


Do not move from Viviendosanos and we will discover together how to fatten healthy, so that you can achieve the goals of wellbeing, gaining some weight.

How to gain weight in a healthy way


With the weight gain, it does not mean that we are going to eat in an uncontrolled way and also throw on the couch, because the thing does not work like that. We’ve said we’ll get fat in a healthy way. If we eat like crazy and above we do not move, the weight we will gain is in the form of fat that would imply cholesterol. Diabetes, immune system damage, heart and respiratory diseases. As we said, you have to get fat, but with a head.

How to Fatten Healthily – Volume of Meals


We’ll increase the amount of meals, but in a lean way. Salads, fat-free meats, complex carbohydrates. Without adding meaningless sugar deposits. We will gradually increase in weight but thanks to healthy food.


How to Fatten Healthy – Protein Shakes


Proteins are indispensable, because if you want to gain weight and you can not eat two more steaks to take the proteins, you can do it through the high protein shakes, so you get what you need without filling so much.


How to Fatten Healthy – Lift Iron



You need to do strength exercises to gain muscle. Not only will it help you to see yourself defined, but gain weight. You may even lose a little, because the muscle eats fat and you may see something thin, but you can counteract it by doing a lot of bodybuilding to make the muscle, but not occupy so much, weigh more.

Cardiovascular exercise is also important, to gain weight in muscles and not in the form of fat. Try to walk quietly. You will maintain a good level of exercise and focus on fat removal. Try not to walk fast or you will begin to segregate cortisol and it is a hormone that ends with the musculature that you are gaining.


How to Fatten Healthy – Fruit Juices




Perfect for something sweet and healthy. With fruit shakes you will not only be able to add calories in a healthy way, but also, you can reinforce your immune system thanks to the amount of vitamins and minerals that you will put into your body through the milkshakes.


Foods to Fatten Healthy


The food will be very eye-catching and you won’t have to feed yourself with chicken fillets, but you can choose different foods that will help you get your goal of getting healthy.


Foods to Fatten Healthy – Eggs




It’s not going to raise your cholesterol because it is. The egg has been demonized for several decades, but the health that gives you an egg, with its proteins, minerals and healthy fats. Don’t eat them too much, because it’s not that you can get fat based on eggs. But you can afford a two-tortilla every morning.


Foods to Fatten Healthy – Pasta


The pasta, apart from being very beneficial to the organism is perfect to gain weight and also to give you energy for the whole day. Take it especially at lunch, so you can count on a slow-absorbing energy source, for when you get in the afternoon. Also, it is rich in fiber, so you can count on the pasta to be able to get your intestinal transit as a clock, which you will need, because the increase in protein tends to constipate.


Healthy Foods – Dairy Products


Dairy foods and derivatives are other foods that will help you get what you propose in a healthy way. You can do it through yogurts, cheeses and milkshakes, but try not to be rich in sugars or carbohydrates or you will begin to gain weight in the form of fat.


If you do not want dairy or have an allergy, you can use the vegan versions.

Healthy Food – Nuts

Apart from delicious, you can eat them every day. For those of us who are in a healthy weight we are recommended a small handful because they are fat-rich and the excess will accumulate. They may be rich in good fats, but everything in excess is bad. Luckily, if you need to get fat, you can count on these good fats with more than a handful a day. Don’t forget to try the nine pecans and the seeds of pumpkin pipes. and

Healthy Foods – Meat and Fish

The meat and fish will give you the whole natural protein of food you need. Thanks to the proteins of the meat, you will be able to obtain a muscular structure very strong and resistant and with the fats of the fish, you will be able to have a clean and very functional organism.
As you see, with these tips, not only can you gain weight quickly and get in a couple of months a little more weight, but you’ll get fat in a healthy way. If you want to get fat, then do not leave aside these tips.

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