How to Make a Tiramisu without Egg ?
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How to Make a Tiramisu without Egg ?

Do you want to learn how to elaborate the authentic Italian tiramisu? Because you are in luck, because at the entrance today we are going to give you the keys to prepare that Italian dessert that so good taste of mouth leaves us after a pleasant meal. We’re talking about tiramisu. We will teach you how to make a tiramisu with egg, what is tiramisu, why make tiramisu without egg, how to make tiramisu step by step, the ingredients to make tiramisu without egg and finally, we leave an easy recipe to make tiramisu without egg. Take pencil and paper and be prepared to impress the upcoming visits, which we started.


What is Tiramisu?

We will begin by discovering what Tiramisu is and, for this, there are two possible theories of the origin of Tiramisu. The first goes back to the 1950s in the northeastern part of Italy, more particularly in Veneto, where it is said that this delicious dessert comes from. More specifically, it emerged in brothels, in which this dessert was served by reciting the following: “I give you this that throws your”. This expression of origin of the Venetian language makes reference in Spanish to a snack. The second theory dates from the 17th century in Siena, in which this Italian dessert was used to praise the Duke of Tuscany, who was a very greedy person, who loved luxury and squandered the money. When tasting the dessert he was amazed and for this reason decided to call this dessert as “the soup of the Duke.” Which one of these theories is right? It is not yet known for sure, but both are quite curious.


In its origins, the recipe did not include the ingredients we know now (mascarpone, cream, etc.), but in these years included in the recipe eggs, sugar, biscuits savoiardi wet in espresso coffee and cocoa. The reason is because using the ingredients of the present (more fatty) caused fatigue and sleep.



and returning to our time, the Tiramisu is an Italian dessert that is served in cold and has different layers. There are many ways to prepare this dessert and including products of all kinds (fruits of the forest, white chocolate, etc.), but the recipe of tiramisu, whatever its variety, should always include a little coffee with which the cake is wet and a little liquor that brings, as Jordi Cruz says, a spectacular rock and roll.



Why Make Tiramisu Without Egg


What is the difference between a tiramisu with egg or no egg? Why make tiramisu without egg? Very easy. First, because some people are intolerant to this type of ingredients we must have it very present when inviting to eat a group of people, so that a tiramisu without egg guarantees that everyone will be able to taste snack.


Another reason why to cook a tiramisu without egg, especially at this time of year, is because the egg with the heat makes it spoil before a meal, so we can enjoy this sweet for longer until it is over. Also, by adding the raw egg, some people may not like this idea for fear of having a hard time in case it has been damaged.

How to Make Tiramisu Without Egg Step by Step

Although you can elaborate many recipes of tiramisu with very different flavors, today we want to teach you to prepare a tiramisu without egg. To do this, then we explain how to make tiramisu without egg step by step.

Ingredients for making tiramisu without egg


Among the ingredients to make a tiramisu without egg highlights the following: 250 grams of cream, 250 grams of mascarpone, a pinch of vanilla, 75 grams of sugar, biscuits or biscuits without egg, espresso or intense coffee, a little liquor (to taste) and cocoa powder.

Easy recipe to make tiramisu without egg coats

An easy recipe to make tiramisu without egg is to beat the mascarpone, vanilla and coffee until you get a mix well combined, as if it were a cream. Then add the sugar and continue beating until you get a homogeneous texture and even get to mount a little. In a different container, mount the cream and then add it to the cream and reserve in the fridge. To achieve more volume, it is necessary that the movements go from top to bottom, so that the texture becomes fine and is delicious. Now we take the biscuits or the biscuits and we dip them in coffee and liquor. This mixture can also be added sugar to taste. And finally, in the mold in which the dessert will be served, we put in the bottom the biscuits that we cover with the cream, thus all the layers that we want until the last flattens, sift the cocoa powder and cover it with transparent film and we reserve in the fridge until it reaches a more or less cold temperature.

Easy recipe to make tiramisu without egg cream

We have emphasized the elaboration of the cream since it is where the richest flavor of the mixture is concentrated. Also, when you take a bite of this cream along with the biscuit with the coffee and liquor, it explodes the different flavors that combine very well and leave a very pleasant taste in the mouth. Also, the personal touch in the elaboration of tiramisu is in the mixture of coffee and liquor. If you are one of those who like intense flavors, add a little more coffee and liquor, you will see how the flavor and aromas are enhanced. Instead, if you are more light flavors, add a little more cream in your elaboration and see how you get a very nice and fresh flavor.

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