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Homemade tomato sauce is prepared very easily and does not imply any great difficulty, it is more, I would say that all are advantages because you can give your personal touch and is much healthier than any sauce you go to buy.



In this case, I have prepared the Salsa sauce with a natural crushed tomato pot to save time, but you can make it by buying ripe tomatoes. In this second case, it should be scalded in hot water to make it easier to peel, remove the skin and then cut it ready!
To the Salsa sauces you can add different spices, it all depends on the type of flavor you want to have or for the dish you want to prepare. For example, we have added oregano and a stream of red wine, both ingredients are great for making a tomato sauce destined to a Bolognese, whether accompanied by macaroni or cannelloni, is very good.
In the same way, when you prepare at home you can choose which type of texture you like the most. You can make a sauce without shredding so that all the ingredients are noticed or get an intermediate or very fine texture.


Homemade Salsa Sauce: ingredients

  • 800 gr. of crushed natural tomato or 3 kg ripe tomatoes
  • 1 onion
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • A jet of red wine (optional)
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Oregano or basil
  • Olive oil

Homemade tomato sauce: preparation

Peel the onion and garlic clove, cut them both in very thin slices.
Put a saucepan to the fire with a stream of oil and when it is hot add the onion with a little salt. Let it fry gradually and when it has become transparent add the laminated garlic, leave it a few minutes to be cold too.
Once we see that the onion begins to be brown add the crushed tomatoes or cut into pieces with their juice. We leave it on medium low heat to mix the flavors and reduce the sauce, that yes, stirs once in a while.
The moment you see that you have reduced taste the tomato and pour a good pinch of salt. If you see that the sauce is acidic you can throw a little sugar. These steps are going to be repeated once in a while, try the sauce and rectify it until you have the right taste point.
Meanwhile, we add a good stream of red wine and spices, in my case freshly ground black pepper and oregano. Stir well and let it go on for another 7 minutes.


When you see that you have reduced the sauce, try to see how it is and rectify both salt, sugar, pepper and oregano if necessary. In this there are no quantities, this goes to the taste of each.
Once you have the sauce at the point you like, you only have to decide if you want to shred it or leave it to the natural. If you crush it with the blender and want an even finer texture, you can then pass it through a fine sieve to remove any remaining pieces.


You can use it directly or store it in glass containers, you can even freeze tomato sauce and it’s still delicious.

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