Vegan chocolate ice Cream
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Vegan chocolate ice Cream

Vegan chocolate ice creams, made with milk and vegetable cream that are suitable for lactose intolerant. They are easy to prepare, no refrigerator and they are great!



It is more and more easy to find vegetable ingredients, although prices remain high. Now, I also have to tell you that it is essential that you read well the labels of each of these products if you have lactose intolerance or some type of allergy, as there are brands in which it is not entirely clear.
Where can you find cream or vegetable milk? In reality, supermarkets begin to have them but it is true that the large surfaces (type the cut English or Mercadona) have more variety, with ingredients such as soy, rice, oats, almonds, etc.
This is our first vegan chocolate ice cream that we prepare at home and comes from the hand of, who was inspired by the book The Vegan scoop to do it. Being the first we have prepared little amount to feel the new touches of flavor that bring the vegetable ingredients, but come on this is tremendous! It’s going to last us a round.
It is a simple recipe and we have not done with refrigerator, so in the end we are going to give some recommendations to keep in mind to make things easier.



Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream: ingredients



  • 235 ml of vegetable cream
  • 117 ml soy milk
  • 1 tablespoon thickener (arrowroot)
  • 65 gr. Sugar
  • 2 ml vanilla essence
  • 45 gr. of sugar-free nonfat powdered chocolate

Vegan chocolate ice Cream: Preparation


In a non-stick pan add the cream vegetable, 3/4 parts of soy milk, sugar and vanilla essence. Put the low heat and stir to dilute the sugar well.
As it warms up, in the milk room you have reserved dilutes the thickener. Stir well so there is no lump and reserve.
Back to the pan. If the sugar has been diluted well, it is time to pour the cocoa powder and stir with joy so that it mixes well and the possible lumps of chocolate are undone.


Before the first boil, remove the pan and pour the dissolved thickener over the mixture. Stir so that it is well diluted and let it cool to room temperature.

Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream Without Refrigerator

I will share with you the fantastic advice that gives Denikatessen in your blog on how to make ice cream without refrigerator, tips that are going to come in great for these ice cream vegans or any other:
Pour the contents over the container you are going to use to make the ice cream. Ideally it is a high metal container because it cools before and that will favor the creaminess of it. If it happens to you like me, you can use a plastic or glass container, tapáis it with film paper or the lid and freezer.
After the time, out the freezer and remove the ice cream with a few rods to break the ice crystals that have started to form. You put it back in the freezer and every 30 or 45 minutes later you will take it out again to repeat this operation, until 2 or 3 hours.
If you want your vegan chocolate ice cream to contain whole pieces of chocolate, anarcados, hazelnuts, biscuits or any tooping, you include it when it is almost frozen and mixes it with a spatula to make it well distributed.
And just let it finish freezing and then savor it.

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