Nutella and banana ice cream
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Nutella and banana ice cream

Nutella and homemade banana ice cream, a delicious polo that you can make at home with only three ingredients and in a few minutes. Take note! If you like the combination of these two ingredients, you will find the recipe for the summer.

With the arrival of the summer to all, both large and small, we want to enjoy something cool. If you have not made ice cream at home, you will see that it is going to be incredibly easy to make and very easy to give your personal touch.
The only thing you’re going to need is ice cream molds that you can find at cheap prices in supermarkets or specialty stores. The ones we’ve used have many years, the truth, but they’re still great.

Nutella and Banana Ice Cream Ingredients :


  • 3 tablespoons Nutella
  • 1 banana
  • 225 ml of milk

Nutella and banana ice cream-Preparation


In the bowl of the blender he throws a ripe plantain, peeled, and made slices more or less thick (nothing will happen by the thickness, is to make it easier to grind).
If you are going to prepare the ice cream in summer, you will see how the Nutella has a much more liquid texture than during the winter, it is ideal. Well, take two tablespoons or three, you can always rectify it.



Then add a glass of milk and start to beat the ingredients until you see that the banana has been crushed and you have before you a delicious chocolate-banana milkshake.


Try it and see if you like its flavor, if you do not rectify the quantity of ingredients. If you are ready for your taste, then it will be time to throw it in the ice cream molds, close it well and put it in the freezer to keep straight.



In my case, hes left a whole night but you can have them frozen in just over 4 hours. To get them out of the mold I usually place an instant under the water and come out easily.



All you have to do is enjoy these homemade ice creams!

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