Humus Recipe : How to Make Hummus?
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Humus Recipe : How to Make Hummus?

The recipe of humus or hummus is one of the simplest that you can find, easy to make and impressive on the palate. We teach you how to make hummus and present it as a snack or as a companion of another dish.
Hummus, originally from ancient Egypt, is a dish of the Middle East cuisine that has become international, since you can not only eat it in any city, but it becomes a classic in homemade food.
This dish is very easy to prepare since it is a mash of chickpeas that are added other ingredients that give a touch of sensational flavor: Algamar, garlic, olive oil, lemon or even a little paprika above for decoration. I also have to tell you that it depends on where you consumáis the ingredients we just mentioned can vary, like the presentation, but usually taken with a little bread.
As you will see at home when you prepare it, the texture of hummus is very soft and fine so you will be able to present it in different ways. We could say that the traditional or typical way to present it is in a flat dish, where you can then pour a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil over with a little paprika or you can present it as it is, without additives to taste its flavor first to your choice!

How to make hummus?

For those who have not yet tasted hummus I have to say that is great. One of the things that usually surprises the first time it is proven, is that despite being prepared with chickpeas does not have that flavor, rather is a mixture.
Hummus is easy to do, you can vary the quantities of the ingredients to taste, so you can enhance some flavors on others and give your personal touch. I’m an unconditional fan of pita bread with hummus I’m nuts! I think it is a simple dish to prepare and it is very well received among the guests.
You can find different recipes on how to prepare hummus, I share the one we usually prepare, to see what you think.

Hummus Ingredients:

  • A pot of half a kilo of chickpeas previously cooked *
  • A drizzle of sesame oil (olive is worth but with sesame is delicious)
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • A drizzle of lemon juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin
  • A pinch of sweet paprika
  • A pinch of salt
* If you prefer dry chickpeas you soak 300 grams the night before. ** Many people cast Tajin, this time we have not put it but it gives a sensational touch (try it and choose!)
Hummus Preparation:
I used a pot of cooked chickpeas for this preparation, quick and equally delicious. You should put them in a wringer and pass them through abundant water. If you are going to use uncooked chickpeas, what you have to do is soak the night before and cocéis the next day; Then you do these same steps.
In the Blender Cup you put the chickpeas together with the peeled garlic cloves, the salt, the cumin. Bates with the mixer.
Add lemon juice and sesame oil (or olive). Tritúralo with the blender until you have a mixture that resembles a purée of creamy consistency, if it is very dense to add a little water but little, so that it does not stay aguado.
The presentation is usually done in bowls, but this depends on the tastes of each one. You can add pine nuts, nuts, or almonds above, as they do in Arabic cuisine or a splash of oil with spices above as shown in this image:
Even though I love pita bread, as it is, you can serve it as an accompaniment or sauce of meat or fish dishes. It’s all a matter of experimenting in the kitchen!
I’m sure you will be very surprised by the versatility of this dish as its flavor, in the end one ends up in love with chickpeas.

Humus with tahini sauce:

For those who have already been reading several recipes about hummus, you may have seen that many of them use tahini sauce as one more ingredient. In our recipe today we have not incorporated, but I can tell you that many times at home we add it all depends on whether or not we have it in the pantry (so we are, sometimes clueless to the core).
For those who want to incorporate the sauce tahini to your humus but have been looking for it but without positive results, as sometimes happens, we share with you another article in which we talked about what is the sauce tahini and where you can find it easily.
To read that article all you have to do is click on the name below “where can I get salsa tahini?” and you can directly access the article where we dealt with this topic in depth.
On the other hand, do not hesitate to tell us where you will buy it to be able to add sites to our list and help other gourmets to make their humus as easy and delicious as traditional.

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