How to Make Homemade Fried Chicken ?
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How to Make Homemade Fried Chicken ?

In this article we will teach you how to cook chicken in a different way, for this we want to show you the quantities and ingredients you need to prepare chicken broses, do you accompany us?

How to make Chicken Fried home

The chicken Fried is a way to cook the chicken very tasty, is indeed very homemade although in recent years it seems that only served in restaurants and especially those whose specialty are the traditional American flavors, and countries like Peru or the United States.


For its elaboration it takes a lot of oil and perhaps it has become a dish that is given more in restaurants than in the houses. Anyway, I repeat that it is a very homemade way to fry the chicken and so you can try to do it yourself or yourself, sure that all your guests and family will love!

How to make homemade Fried chicken – ingredients


  • 1 chopped chicken
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon of mustard to give flavor
  • Potato flour or Chuño
  • Pepper 
  • Salt
  • Oil

How to make homemade chicken fried– step by step

Chop the chicken if it is not yet, season with salt. Then add it to a pot with a little water to make sure that the chicken is cooked in the juice that is releasing. If water is missing it adds more, but you must be very careful not to add more.
Once the chicken is cooked and hard, it should be placed in a bowl and left apart. On the other hand, in a bowl you must mix the eggs, the tablespoon of mustard and add a very slight pinch of salt.
In another bowl, mix the potato flour, pepper and salt to taste. In the preparation of the mustard with the eggs you must add the chicken to pieces and then you must move to the other container (the one of the potato flour).

Mix well and fry in hot oil until browned and crispy.

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