How to Make Whipped Cream?
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How to Make Whipped Cream?

How to make whipped cream does not have much mystery but you have to take into account some tricks to make you perfect and do not have butter.
It is true that in any supermarket we can find the cream perfectly assembled and with a very easy application on any food but, there is always a but, the cream that ride you at home can catch more density and a foamy texture without losing creaminess, so it is ideal for filling cakes.
When one empties the content of the liquid cream for the first time arises how do I get this body to acquire? How is it possible to happen?

Tips: How to make whipped cream


Before going to tell you how to do the whipped cream, we will describe those previous steps that are fundamental to achieve a good result.


The first step is given in the supermarket when we are going to make the purchase, long before we get to our kitchens. It is essential that you look at the amount of fat in the liquid you are buying, because it will be that amount that allows the cream is well mounted.
The minimum fat content to have a whipped cream is 35% to 40% and you will have a good result. If you choose a liquid cream that contains less fat, you can get it mounted but it is not the same result.

Cold Well temperature


To make sure that the cream is well assembled, it is important that it is well cold, if it cannot be cut.
There are several tricks you can perform to get it to mount well: put the cream in the freezer half an hour earlier, the materials you are going to use in the refrigerator (rods, blender cup or glass bowl/stainless steel) to be cool.
If you are going to mount the cream with manual rods, it is important that you enter the bowl where you have emptied the cream in another larger bowl that is filled with ice so that the temperature will not rise at any time.

Use machine or manual rods?


The best result you can get with the hand rods but implies a hard work of arm and you’ll have some more time but you will see that the volume that reaches the cream is higher.
The use of the electric rods is the most comfortable, although it is important that you have a good power to get them to mount properly and take a good texture.

You can make butter

As you hear it, if you Bates too much liquid cream you can end up passing from the cream whipped to the butter for just a few moments.
If you mount the cream with electric rods or a robot you have to be aware of when it starts to curd and the color Matt happens to have a certain brightness, because as soon as you catch density you will have your whipped cream.
If you continue beating you will see that lumps begin to appear, which indicates that you are already closer to the butter than the whipped cream. The best option for these cases is to continue beating until you get a homogeneous cream to have your own homemade butter, which is very good.

How to make whipped cream?


Taking into account everything we have discussed above, we tell you how to make whipped cream.
Whipped Cream Ingredients:
  • 250 ml of cream (minimum 35% fat)
  • 2 tablespoons sugar (to taste)

Whipped Cream Preparation:

  • In a bowl or in the Blender Cup, pour the liquid cream well cold.
  • Start beating at low speed to increase the speed as you get density and thicken.
  • The moment you see that the cream is almost mounted, you will have to pour the sugar and continue beating until you see that you already have the body of a whipped cream.
  • As soon as you have it, you’re ready to serve on dessert. If you are not going to use it and need to stabilize the density of it, you can use cream stabilizer that you can buy it on the large surfaces.


Recipes with whipped cream

When we are not very put in confectionery, it is easy that one thinks that the whipped cream only serves to accompany a dessert or for the presentation of it, being able to make that it is much more eye-catching or that combine different textures.

Biscuit and Cream Trunk

This is an incredibly simple dessert to prepare, so much so that the only complexity is to mount the cream. So, here we have the possibility to use the whipped cream combined with biscuits and chocolate covers, and you can imagine that it paints very well taste and texture, right?

Chocolate basket with strawberries and cream

The complexity of this recipe lies in making a basket of chocolate with the help of a balloon. Maybe you can not go to the first but you can easily try at home and then just mount the cream to fill it inside and some delicious strawberries or any other fruit you like.

Cake Kit Kat: Birthday cake

This recipe requires more preparation time than the previous two and the result is still spectacular. A sponge cake that is stuffed with whipped cream, all covered with chocolate, Kit Kat and M who could resist such a mouthful?


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