Homemade Pancake Recipes : How to Make Pancakes for Breakfast
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Homemade Pancake Recipes : How to Make Pancakes for Breakfast

PANCAKE RECIPES: Here we are going to teach you how to make American or oatmeal pancakes. In addition to other famous pancakes like bananas, homemade rice and corn pancakes and pancake recipes with the Thermomix. Finally, we’re going to show you how to make egg-free pancakes. Let’s cook!

If you want to make pancakes for breakfast or for a snack, we can choose to buy a pot of pancake mix that is already prepared and we take much less to do it. However, if we want a healthier good pancake, we better learn how to make them homemade with our pancake recipes.

American Pancakes

The most classic pancake recipes we can find are American pancakes. They are the ones we see in the movies and they are perfect for both breakfast and snack. To make this recipe American pancakes we’ll need two eggs (can be L or XL), baking powder, 200 grams of wheat flour, 20 grams of butter (without salt), 50 grams of white sugar, 250 milligrams of milk (one glass, more or less), a couple of tablespoons of vanilla and also a little butter to heat the pancakes in the frying pan , since the Americans use a lot of the butter to cook.
To prepare the first of our recipes of pancakes we will start by separating the egg whites and beating the latter with sugar until they are whitish and then add the vanilla. Next, we will melt the butter in the microwave and heat the milk and add everything to the same bowl. Then, in a separate bowl, we will mix the flour and the yeast and then put it all together with the other mixture that we already had prepared.
Now is the time to beat the whites to the point of snow and put them together with our mix. It is time to add any ingredient that we want in our pancakes like chocolate or strawberries.
Finally, heat our skillet with the butter and pour the total mixture. It is important that you control the pancakes at all times so that they do not burn because the pancakes do not take long to be done. When you are ready one side we turn it carefully to prepare the other.


  • American Pancakes with Cream


If you want to prepare our recipes for American pancakes with cream, we better teach you how to make homemade cream so that everything has our own and original flavor. The cream gives you the touch that you need all the recipes of pancakes and we recommend you combine the whipped cream with a little of your favorite syrup (chocolate, strawberry, caramel, coffee, etc). If you want to make the pancakes something healthier for the summer we recommend you try replacing the cream with fruit to accompany our pancakes.


Oatmeal Pancakes


One of the healthiest pancake recipes we can find are the oatmeal pancakes. Oatmeal pancakes have a very similar taste to the original pancakes but have a lot fewer calories. If you are planning or trying to take care of yourself, this is the perfect breakfast to indulge in the weekend without skipping the diet too much.


To make this recipe for oatmeal pancakes We’ll need eight to ten egg whites, two tablespoons of sugar (to make them more light you can do them with stevia), a little yeast, about forty grams of oat flakes (also worth oat bran) and a little cinnamon or seeds of chia if you feel like it.
To make these pancakes we start beating all the ingredients and then, with very little oil in the frying pan to pour the mixture and let it go slowly.
Finally, to decorate our oatmeal pancakes and give them more flavor you can also put some varied fruit (strawberries and banana combine very well) and agave syrup.

Banana Pancakes


Banana pancakes are also one of the most popular pancake recipes for its sweet and original flavor that, above all, enchants the little ones. If you want to try a different pancake recipe, keep reading because you will not be disappointed.
To make our banana pancakes we will need a couple of bananas, an egg, a teaspoon of honey, a lemon, 50 grams of flour, a little yeast, olive oil and a little cinnamon if we like.
First, we will start by beating the bananas and adding to this milkshake the lemon, cinnamon, honey, flour, yeast and beaten egg. Finally, we will pour this mixture into the frying pan and we will make both sides little by little.
The best way to accompany these banana pancakes is with a milkshake, as cocoa combines very well with honey and plantain.

Homemade Rice Pancakes

Homemade rice pancakes are perfect for carrying in the backpack and always have a hand to chop when we are hungry. For example, you can bring your homemade rice pancakes to take at noon at the office.
To make this homemade rice pancakes, which is one of our favorite homemade rice pancakes, we will need raw rice (more or less half a cup), 150 grams of cheese, vegetable oil, parsley, tomatoes (half a kilo), onion, salt, soup of over and three eggs.


We’ll start grinding the rice. We recommend you do it with a blender to make it easier. Then add the rice together with the eggs and cheese. It is advisable to use a much more moldable cheese but that is not cream cheese because in this way we make sure it melts much better. Then we will fry the mixture so we are going to put it in a frying pan with hot oil. Once fried both sides of the pancake we will prepare a sauce with the rest of ingredients and let the pancakes soak in it.

Homemade Corn Pancakes


These pancakes are also perfect as snacks to take to work or any place where we can get hungry. They are comfortable to transport and is one of a favorite pancake recipe.
To make homemade corn pancakes we need a cup of cornmeal, a little warm water and a teaspoon of salt.


First, we will begin by mixing the cornmeal with the water until we have a more or less humid mass and then add the salt. Next, we will heat this mixture in the form of pancakes with a hot skillet. When both sides are made of our pancakes we can remove them from the heat and let them cool.


Pancakes with Thermomix


If you count at home with the Thermomix you can make a lot of very easy, tasty and quick pancake recipes to make. Next, we give you our favorite recipe of pancakes with the Thermomix.



To make this recipe of pancakes we will need 150 grams of wheat flour, a little salt and blanquilla sugar, a little-melted butter (or if you prefer, a couple of tablespoons of oil), a tablespoon of yeast, two eggs, and milk.
In this recipe, we love to add a red fruit sauce much healthier than the syrup but just as tasty. To make it you will need 300 grams of strawberries, 80 grams of raspberries, blanquilla sugar and lemon juice.
To make this recipe of pancakes with the Thermomix we will start by placing all the ingredients to make the pancakes in the glass of the Thermomix and program it at speed 4 for 30 seconds. Then we took the mixture and let it rest for half an hour.
Then place the butter or oil in the frying pan and pour a couple of tablespoons of the mixture. When they start bubbling it’s time to turn the pancake over.
Now we go with the red fruit sauce. Cut the strawberries and raspberries and put them in the frying pan with a little lemon juice. Between 5 and 10 minutes will have been discarded and you will have a delicious sweet sauce to combine with your pancakes.

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